[News] GIVING UP THE GHOST Close to Reaching Kickstarter Goal

With just three days left to go, GIVING UP THE GHOST is haunting the internet calling for support to get this feature film debut funded.

GIVING UP THE GHOST is Wolfe MacReady’s feature film debut as both writer and director. Iris, the survivor of a horribly abusive relationship, is on the run from the ghost of her ex. With the help of her closest friend and witch Bianca, Iris will either give up the ghost, or die trying.

It’s a story of overcoming insurmountable trauma and the nasty things that haunt us from our past. It is about a woman finding strength and the agency to regain control over her own life, and learning to finally give up the ghost. Wolfe took inspiration from their own experiences as well as some of their favorite femme empowerment flicks, especially those from the 90s.

Wolfe is no stranger to the film world and has been teaching screenwriting over the past nearly two decades at various workshops and has been working in the film and TV industry as writer, director, and FX makeup artist for just as long. In 2022 they won the Chattanooga Film Festival Screenplay Pitch Competition for their queer mermaid body horror script, Dream of Drowning. Their short film Hit + Run has played in dozens of festivals worldwide and was selected by Alter to join their library of streaming horror shorts.

Currently, Wolfe has put together an amazing team of cast and crew that are well-versed in working on features of all types including no-budget, low-budget, and studio productions. You can view the film’s pitch deck here, and you can read more about the project and the team over at Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wolfelikeme/giving-up-the-ghost-wolfe-macreadys-first-feature-film

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