[News] POP MART Launches Universal Monsters Collection

On Friday the 13th, POP MART launched their Universal Monsters collection in US stores at $15.99 per blind box. If you want to purchase the whole collection, it is $143.91. The whole set contains 9 non-repeating blind boxes. To order, go here. A great gift for fans of Classic Universal Monsters!

Chances of drawing a “secret” figurine vary from set to set. There is a less than 1% chance to receive the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde figurine (pictured below) and a few lucky shoppers will open their blind box to the secret edition!

Also, POP MART is providing a special discount to in-store shoppers who come dressed up as one of their iconic figurines! From October 21-31, customers can visit the Costa Mesa POP MART store dressed as their favorite POP MART character and enjoy a 10% discount on a selected spooky series!

To redeem the discount, shoppers simply have to come to the store dressed as a character or show the cashier a picture of them dressed up as a character. POP MART is running this promotion at all three of their stores in the US including their newest in Jerseys’ American Dream Mall.

POP MART is the renowned designer toy and entertainment brand from Asia with a growing loyal fan base across the country, and has its very own store in the South Coast Plaza locally in Costa Mesa.

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