[Article] Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2023 – Films to Keep on Your Radar

Here at Nightmarish Conjurings, we watch horror movies throughout the four seasons, but it’s no secret that October is our favorite time of the year. Halloween will be here before you know it, which means that the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is just around the corner! The fan-favorite local festival is coming in hot with a diverse slate that should have something to offer for any and all fans of the genre.

We could spend all day going over all of the premieres that have us intrigued, but here are just a few that we strongly feel you should add to your viewing list.

Breathing In

First up, Jaco Bouwer’s follow-up to 2021’s Gaia will be having its much-anticipated world premiere at BHFF this year. Set in 1901 South Africa, BREATHING IN follows an injured General who takes shelter in the home of a woman and her daughter and quickly notices that something strange is going on with the two of them. Based on an acclaimed stage play, this will likely be a hit amongst fans of tense single-location chamber pieces.

Red Rooms

RED ROOMS was recently awarded best feature, screenplay, score, and performance at Fantasia International Film Festival. If that alone doesn’t excite you, this Canadian crime flick pitches itself as an “unsettling courtroom drama” meets “disturbing cyber-thriller” about a woman who risks everything in her attempt to indict a serial killer.

Cannibal Mukbang

Disclaimer: I happen to personally know several people involved in the making of CANNIBAL MUKBANG (another world premiere for the festival). Regardless, this bonkers-sounding horror comedy, which explores the subculture of “mukbanging” through a gory romantic twist, should be on the radar for any fans of the wild and wacky.

The Shade

Mental illness and horror have gone hand-in-hand for years now, but THE SHADE appears to be a downright chilling addition to the thematic territory. In this debut by Tyler Chipman, a grieving family desperately seeks answers on how to stop an evil entity that has been plaguing them. That BHFF draws a comparison to Natalie Erika JamesRelic only promises that this is sure to be a dark and haunting ride.

Vincent Must Die

This satirical dark comedy from France premiered as part of the “Critics Week” program at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and happens to be a personal favorite of mine from this year. The film stars Karim Leklou as Vincent, a graphic designer with a very strange problem: people keep attacking him for seemingly no reason. Equal parts funny, thrilling, and strangely poignant, it’s a surefire crowd-pleaser about the importance of human connection.

Of course, this is simply just a sample of the many films that will be premiering at this year’s Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. If you’d like to learn more about the others that will be premiering at the festival, be sure to check out the entire slate on their website. Be sure to keep an eye out for our reviews once the festival kicks off.

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival will be celebrating its eighth year as it runs from October 12 – 19, 2023.

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