There’s something about pumpkins that immediately transports you into autumn. The symbol of Halloween as well as the harvest, pumpkins immediately spark joy. Carve them up and put them outside, and they can turn into pieces of art as well as ominous beacons to scare away spirits that’d do harm. Now, coming to Los Angeles, we get our own little slice of jack o’lantern heaven with the arrival of Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group‘sĀ MAGIC OF THE JACK O’LANTERNS.

Located at Whittier Narrows Recreation Area, the MAGIC OF THE JACK O’LANTERNS experience is spaced out. A perfect casual experience for families to enjoy, attendees walk through the park’s pathways, flanked on all sides by glowing, carved pumpkins and stunning artwork. From dinosaurs to actors to your favorite cartoons, there’s plenty for your eye to see. And, if you look closely, you may be able to find your favorite Pokemon or Star Wars character amidst the fog.

More than pumpkins


Located at one edge of the experience is a dazzling carnival set-up. Unfortunately, while it’s pretty to look at, this isn’t an actual working carnival. There are no rides to get on here. However, located right next to is a haybale maze for people of all ages to enjoy. It’s a simple maze. You can go any which way and still find your way back with no problems. Just be careful if you are keeping an eye out for smaller children. They can get lost amidst the hay.

Little detours and distractions pop up as you continue down the path of pumpkins. Disorienting tunnels and overhanging arches accentuated with lights create fun moments to keep the visuals unpredictable. Blow-up Halloween decorations and haunted house projections add an extra layer of Halloween-goodness. Sunken boats and medieval castles add a little extra oomph to pumpkin displays as you near the end.

Odds and ends to prepare for MAGIC OF THE JACK O’LANTERNS

The food and drink options are about what you’d expect at an event like this. While I’d advise you to eat before you go, especially if you have dietary restrictions, there is the option to purchase items onsite. So, you won’t starve. For parking, there is a paid premium option but you also have the option of parking for free nearby.

As for photo opportunities, of course, you can take photos throughout the event. There are two paid options for photos located at the exit of MAGIC OF THE JACK O’LANTERNS. As observed, the creatures that are involved in those photo ops can frighten some children. But trust me when I say they don’t move, so you can avoid any mishaps or tears if the young ones get upset.

MAGIC OF THE JACK O’LANTERNSĀ is an outdoor event that involves a decent walk. Make sure you put on comfortable walking shoes and bring along a light jacket as the weather starts to get chilly. As an experience, it’s calm enough to take the whole family. There are no roaming monsters here to scare the little ones. With pumpkins as far as the eye can see, attendees will be immersed in the feeling of fall, even if the leaves haven’t started changing over yet.

MAGIC OF THE JACK O’LANTERNS is now open through October 31st on select nights. There is a sensory-friendly event available October 8th as well. Purchase tickets here.

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