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In recent years, Las Vegas has emerged as a hub for horror enthusiasts. With attractions such as Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum and long-standing haunts like Freakling Bros’ “Gates of Hell,” the City of Sin has embraced the eerie. You’ll even find a horror-themed cafe and toy store located on the same street.

At the forefront of change is Egan Escape Production helmed by founder/creator Jason Egan. The company has been responsible for creating unique, interactive and memorable attractions in Vegas like Circus Circus’ Fright Dome, The Official SAW Escape Room, Escape Blair Witch, and more. In early 2023, they launched ESCAPE IT, an immersive escape experience based on the 2017 film It. Now, Pennywise has returned for more in ESCAPE IT: CHAPTER TWO.

The attractions that come from Egan Escape Productions, especially the escape rooms, are incredibly detailed to the point that they resemble movie sets. It’s not just the attractions themselves but the whole experience from the moment you enter the building. Once those doors open, you are greeted with a lobby featuring carnival games, props from the movie, and a retail store all in celebration of Pennywise.

But nothing can prepare you for what awaits once you enter the game and become immersed in the town of Derry. Admittedly, this distracted me a bit from the game because I was so entranced by each room and couldn’t help but look for Easter eggs, which were aplenty. Not to throw shade at some of the bigger haunts, but in terms of inventiveness and execution of design, ESCAPE IT: CHAPTER TWO gives those a run for their money. Spending $50+ on an escape experience should give a full sense of immersion and ESCAPE IT: CHAPTER TWO more than delivers on that.

What to expect in ESCAPE IT: CHAPTER TWO

The game lasts approximately 60 minutes and features 16 rooms, each modeled after iconic scenes from the film such as the Jade of the Orient restaurant, Derry Canal Days Midway, and the Losers’ Clubhouse. Right from the beginning of the game, we encounter an actor who assumes the role of a friend within the group and doubles as a guide. These actors do a terrific job of maintaining their characters while also helping to push the game forward by giving hints to help with the puzzles.

Each room offers its own unique puzzle that’s tied to the story of that room. For beginners, you might have trouble finding your footing but as I mentioned earlier, a guide is never far. Similar to most escape rooms, traditional number locks are present however their significance within the room’s setup and story enhances the experience. A useful tip: closely observe the room’s design and how it relates to the story and its characters as that can sometimes be a clue for your next steps.

All in all, ESCAPE IT: CHAPTER TWO earns a perfect 10/10 score. It’s undoubtedly one of the best escape rooms you’ll ever encounter. As for Pennywise himself, he makes numerous appearances throughout the game and is usually accompanied by terrifying theatrics. But nothing will prepare you for what awaits at the end. If you seek to join the Losers’ Club and confront Pennywise firsthand, this is your opportunity.

For more information or to purchase tickets, float on over to ESCAPEIT.com Ticket prices vary with general admission starting at $54.99 and VIP private game tickets at $74.99. ESCAPE IT: CHAPTER TWO is located in Las Vegas located off Symphony Parkway and Martin Luther King Blvd.

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