[News] Horror-Comedy OBSTACLE CORPSE Hits Amazon July 14

[News] Horror-Comedy OBSTACLE CORPSE Hits Amazon July 14

Horror comedy word-of-mouth hit OBSTACLE CORPSE will hear the starting gun for its streaming premiere this Friday, July 14 on Amazon.

The dash-and-slash feature debut from filmmaker Hope Madden just crossed the finish line of its festival tour, where its script, performances and gorey kills gathered awards and earned a screening at Joe Swanberg’s (Netflix’s Drinking Buddies) secret video store.

Now the sweet, bloody story of teen Sunny (Sylvie Mix, Poser) trying to prove herself to her survivalist dad on the world’s deadliest race course will finally be available across the U.S., just in time for your weekend planning.

“I’m a lifelong horror fan, writer and critic, and I made Obstacle Corpse for everyone who loves laughs and a genuine story with their gooey head smashes,” said Madden. “But you never know what will connect, and we’ve been so honored by the reception, and people telling each other they have to see it.”

In the film, Mix’s character, feeling overshadowed by her sisters, signs up for a mysterious obstacle course race with her equally unprepared friend, Ezra. But as they witness military-style enforcers, creepy race organizers and a series of brutal murders, the two quickly realize that they’re running for their lives.

Madden wrote the screenplay and directed the feature with a women-led crew and a cast of notable up-and-coming and established indie actors. Audiences packed theaters from the start, beginning with a sellout at its Nightmares Film Festival screening. The film continued to build a following at stops around the U.S., where fans showed up in headbands, race bibs and OBSTACLE CORPSE t-shirts.

The film will be available to rent or buy on Amazon’s VOD service first, with other streamers following.

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