[Exclusive Clip] We Learn About the Ghost of FALCON LAKE

[Exclusive Clip] We Learn About the Ghost of FALCON LAKE

To celebrate the Digital release of the ghostly thriller FALCON LAKE, we have an exclusive clip from Yellow Veil Pictures. Make sure you check out the exclusive clip below.

A shy teenager on a summer vacation experiences the joy and pain of young adulthood when he forges an unlikely bond with an older girl.

The film stars Joseph Engel (The Crusade, Isn’t It Delicious), Sara Montpetit (Maria Chapdelaine, White Dog), Monia Chokri (The Nature of Love, A Brother’s Love), Arthur Igual (The Little Tailor, 4 Days in France), and Karine Gonthier-Hyndman (“Happily Married,” “Like-moi!”).

FALCON LAKE is directed by Charlotte Le Bon (Bastille Day), who co-wrote the screenplay with François Choquet. The film is produced by David Gauquié Julien Deris, Sylvain Corbeil Nancy Grant, Jalil Lespert, Dany Boon, and Jean-Luc Ormières.

FALCON LAKE is playing in select theaters nationwide. Check out the full theater listings here. The film is now available digitally.

To learn more about the film, check out our review here.

About Charlotte Le Bon

Charlotte Le Bon grew up in Quebec before moving to Paris. She worked as an actress with French directors such as Michel Gondry and Jalil Lespert. In the US, she shot films with Lasse Hallström, Robert Zemeckis and Sean Ellis. Charlotte is an artist exploring her taste for strangeness through paintings, drawings and lithographs. Her passion for genre films led her to write and direct Judith Hotel, a short film presented at Cannes in 2018. FALCON LAKE is her first feature film.

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