[News] TALK TO ME Trailer – Viral Trends Invite in New Terrors

[News] TALK TO ME Trailer - Viral Trends Invite in New Terrors

A24 has revealed a brand new trailer for the upcoming horror TALK TO ME. This film has taken the fest circuit by storm, so you’re going to want to add this to your summer horror viewing list asap.

When a group of friends discovers how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand, they become hooked on the new thrill, until one of them goes too far and unleashes terrifying supernatural forces.

The film stars Sophie Wilde (“You Don’t Know Me,” “Eden”), Miranda Otto (Annabelle: Creation, In Her Skin), Alexandra Jensen (“Amazing Grace,” Beat), Joe Bird (Rabbit, “First Day”), Otis Dhanji (Aquaman, “The Unlisted”), Zoe Terakes (“Wentworth,” “Nine Perfect Strangers”), and Chris Alosio (“Surviving Summer,” Next Goal Wins).

TALK TO ME is directed by Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou. Danny co-wrote the script with Bill Hinzman. TALK TO ME marks the feature directorial debut of twin brother filmmakers Danny and Michael Philippou, who are perhaps best known for their YouTube channel, RackaRacka, which boasts a following of 6.72M subscribers.

The film is produced by Samantha Jennings and Kristina Ceyton.

“TALK TO ME is a runaway train that never jumps the track,” says Nightmarish Conjurings’ Dolores Quintana. “Relentless, compelling, and yes, funny too, this horror show will make you think, “Wtf did I just watch?” and only in the best way.” Sound like something you want to watch? Again, add it to your list!

TALK TO ME will be released in theaters on Friday, July 28, 2023.

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