[News] Dumbgood Announces New Line of SCREAM and Ghostface Products
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Dumbgood, the premiere lifestyle brand specializing in elevated and unique licensed products from Bioworld, announced the availability of new apparel based on the horror/thriller film SCREAM and its character Ghostface. Fans and fashion lovers can enjoy the latest line of streetwear based on the iconic slasher film series. The new, iconic and riveting collection arrives just in time for the franchise’s latest installment SCREAM VI!

After recently unveiling the hoodie and mini messenger with designs based on the poster of the first SCREAM film, Dumbgood has revealed sweatpants (MSRP: $90) inspired by that same poster print now for sale. In addition, the assortment of repeat mask-patterned apparel and accessories based on the popular Ghostface character is also now available for hardcore fans of the famous slasher and stylistic trendsetters to enjoy. The updated collection includes a stylish bucket hat (MSRP: $26), cropped long sleeve (MSRP: $42), lounge shorts (MSRP: $32), and an adjustable mini messenger (MSRP: $38) which are now available on Dumbgood.com.

Dumbgood’s latest product line exhibits an authentic dedication to the fandom it is based on which consumers can wear with pride. Designed with elegance and fidelity, and accuracy, no detail is left unturned, so fans of the SCREAM franchise and Ghostface himself finds value in the newest collection by Dumbgood.

Bioworld has complete assortments of Ghostface products throughout quality retailers nationwide. Visit Dumbgood.com to stay up-to-date with the latest announcements, follow the brand on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The SCREAM and Ghostface apparel and accessories are available now via Dumbgood.

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