[News] Loungefly Announces New Collection Inspired by Anime Series JUJUTSU KAISEN

[News] Loungefly Announces New Collection Inspired by Anime Series JUJUTSU KAISEN
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Loungefly, the fan-forward lifestyle brand from Funko, announced an all-new collection in collaboration with global anime brand Crunchyroll for Gege Akutami’s Japanese manga series, JUJUTSU KAISEN. Available on Loungefly.com and select retailers this March, the assortment brings fans edgy and artistic accessories inspired by the show’s iconic characters, sorcerers and curses.

Featuring captivating designs and transformative elements from the hit anime series, the adventurous collection includes Loungefly’s signature mini backpack (MSRP: $80) inspired by the heroic Yuji Itadori as he takes on Sukuna’s form, as well as a zip-around wallet (MSRP: $40) showcasing Satoru Gojo repping his signature blindfold. With Loungefly expertly representing the fan-favorite anime through the brand’s high-quality products, this collection is the perfect match for sorcerers, students and anime fans alike.

Loungefly intricately designs its backpacks, wallets, crossbody bags, apparel and small accessories to tell wearable stories inspired by the most beloved franchises in the world. Crafted with care and precision, Loungefly leaves no detail overlooked, so fans can find value in every stitch. From bag zippers to printed linings, Loungefly’s accessories showcase an authentic passion for the fandom that collectors proudly wear.

Visit Loungefly.com to be notified when the JUJUTSU KAISEN collection officially launches and stay up-to-date with the latest Loungefly products and trends by following the brand on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @Loungefly.

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