[News] SCARE PACKAGE II Getting Blu-ray/DVD Release
The follow-up to the 2020 cult Shudder hit is also getting the physical media treatment! SCARE PACKAGE II: RAD CHAD’S REVENGE will be available on Blu-ray and DVD April 11th.

Created by Aaron B. Koontz and Cameron Burns, the absurd, over-the-top Horror-Comedy has been a unique entrant into the anthology space. Featuring a diverse group of up-and-coming filmmakers who all take a meta and referential approach to the rules of horror films at large. And with a heavy 80s and 90s aesthetic it is no surprise to now receive the Blu-ray and DVD treatment.

The Blu-ray package includes numerous special features gifted for the horror enthusiast in us all. And in true SCARE PACKAGE fashion, they are all labeled with a tongue-in-cheek vibe including: “Director commentary on a film, that comments on other films with (still) better commentary tracks” and a blooper and deleted scenes reel aptly titled “Bloopers and Scenes cut to get under 100 mins”.

SCARE PACKAGE II was directed by Aaron B. Koontz alongside segment directors Alexandra Barreto, Anthony Cousins, Jed Shepherd, and Rachele Wiggins. The film returns actors Jeremy King, Zoey Graham, Byron Brown, and AEW star Dustin Rhodes alongside many new faces including Rich Sommer (GLOW), Kelli Maroney (Chopping Mall), Graham Skipper (VFW) and Shakira Ja’nai Paye (House Party – 2023).

The full list of special features are listed as:

  • Most of the Best Parts in 90 seconds
  • Director commentary on a film, that comments on other films with (still) better commentary tracks
  • Rad Chad’s Rad Ad, Hijacked!
  • Bloopers and Scenes cut to get under 100 mins
  • Spot the Reference with the help of Horror Icons!
  • Making of the film, but still not Making Sense

For more on SCARE PACKAGE II: RAD CHAD’S REVENGE, go on and check out our review.

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