[Exclusive] Check Out the Trailer for Sci-fi Thriller TWOTWO
Courtesy Good Deed Entertainment
From Good Deed Entertainment arrives the official trailer for the sci-fi thriller, TWOTWO, which arrives on Demand on February 3, 2023. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

Socially awkward David (Joel Ballard) appears to have the perfect life, until he loses his corporate job and is faced with eviction. After hitting rock bottom, he wakes up in an alleyway where a homeless man promises him a way to change his life. It sounds too good to be true but with nothing to lose, he takes up the man’s offer. Everything appears the same; then through a chance encounter with a mysterious young woman on the run called 22 (Morgan Makana) – “TwoTwo” to her friends – David discovers her unusual ability to manifest reality as she conceives it, and their futures become intertwined.

TWOTWO stars Morgan Makana (Shadows On The Road, My Alien Girlfriend), Joel Ballard (Spectacular, Last Night in Suburbia), Kenneth Best (Vengeance Turns, Filthy Animals), and P.K. Simone (The Loyals, Persona).

The film is directed by Jun Hoskulds (The Sublet, Downtown or Higher).

About Good Deed Entertainment

Good Deed Entertainment (GDE) is an Ohio-based independent studio dedicated to producing, financing and distributing quality entertainment for film, television, the worldwide web and tomorrow’s anticipated platforms. Through its genre division, Cranked Up Films, GDE develops, produces, and distributes high-concept horror, grounded sci-fi, and speculative fiction.

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