[News] THE UNSETTLING Arriving in Theaters & VOD on Feb 10
Dark Sky Films will bring the release of THE UNSETTLING to theaters and VOD/digital on February 10, 2023. To learn more, check out the trailer below!

A foreign couple’s visit is disturbed when the house they rent slowly stalks them, consuming their sorrow, and trapping them in a nightmare.

Abena and Kwame, a Ghanaian couple, are struggling to recover from a devastating tragedy. They travel to Los Angeles for a vacation that they hope will help them find their way back to one another. Instead, during an awkward dinner with estranged friends, Vivian and Anthony, Abena is increasingly terrorized by an evil possessing the house. The house that was meant to provide refuge slowly stalks her, consuming her sorrow and trapping her in a nightmare. As her terror grows, it ultimately engulfs all four with horrifying consequences.

THE UNSETTLING stars Zephani Idoko, Bambadjan Bamba, Libby Munro, Benedikt Sebastian, Chloƫ Caro, and Rojawn Khoshnam. The film is directed and written by Harry Owens (The Woman in the Photo).

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