[News] TERRIFIER 2 Arrives on Digital This Friday
TERRIFIER 2 l Cinedigm
Cinedigm announced yesterday that TERRIFIER 2 will be available on Digital this Friday. The film is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and Prime Video. Learn more from our review here!

Popular amongst both fans and critics, SCREAMBOX Original TERRIFIER 2 boasts an 88% Critics score and 82% Audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Not since Paranormal Activity has the buzz around a horror film lit the internet on fire, and the warnings released by theaters are reminiscent of the master of suspense himself – Santikos Warning Came True. With numerous reports of audience members fainting and vomiting during the theatrical showings, it would appear these warnings have merit.

Physical versions of the film, which will be released in December, are also available for pre-order on Amazon (Blu-ray Collector’s Edition) and Walmart (Limited Edition Steelbook).

The uncut, ultra-gory, indie slasher film from Writer/Director Damien Leone (All Hallows’ Eve, Terrifier), welcomes back David Howard Thornton as the demonic killer, Art the Clown, and introduces Lauren LaVera as Sienna, who is being hailed as the next Final Girl. Also returning is Samantha Scaffidi who reprises her role as Victoria Heyes, with horror icon Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) and professional wrestler Chris Jericho also making appearances.

Following his gruesome demise in the first film, a sinister presence has brought Art the Clown back to life to rein terror on the residents of Miles County in TERRIFIER 2. On Halloween night, he returns to the unassuming town and sets his sights on fresh prey: a teenage girl and her little brother, portrayed by LaVera and Elliott Fullam, respectively.

SCREAMBOX, which is powered by Bloody Disgusting, features a broad mix of content for casual and die-hard horror fans alike. The service is refreshed monthly with content from Cinedigm’s extensive genre library with films and episodes delivering every type of terror imaginable — Supernatural, Slashers, Zombies and more. SCREAMBOX currently features classic horror films like Slumber Party Massacre and the original House on Haunted Hill to horror series such as “The Island” and “Master of Horror” to hit documentaries like Pennywise: The Story of It & Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary.

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