[News] ALL JACKED UP AND FULL OF WORMS Clip Embraces, Well, The Worms
There’s a brand new clip from ALL JACKED UP AND FULL OF WORMS! The hallucinogenic horror-comedy streams exclusively on Screambox tomorrow on November 8. It will also be available on VOD platforms the same day via Cinedigm.

Roscoe, a janitor for a scuzzy love motel, drifts through life until he discovers a hidden stash of powerful hallucinogenic worms. Guided by visions of a giant floating worm, he encounters Benny, a moped enthusiast trying to manifest a baby from an inanimate sex doll. They fall in love with doing worms together on a downward spiral into the primordial ooze.

Writer-director Alex Phillips makes his feature debut on the avant-gutter freakout. Phillip Andre Botello (The Art of Self-Defense), Trevor Dawkins (Easy), and Betsey Brown (The Scary of Sixty-First) star.

ALL JACKED UP AND FULL OF WORMS premiered at the 2022 Fantasia International Film Festival, where we reviewed the film and where festival programmer Celia Pouzet described it as “Trainspotting meets Brain Damage with a dash of Videodrome.” It went on to earn a Special Jury Mention.

The film has been praised by Variety as “a euphoria-fuelled rampage,” by Nerdist as “the weirdest movie you have to see,” and by screenwriter C. Robert Cargill (The Black Phone, Doctor Strange) as “supremely fucked up, gross out, midnight movie nonsense of the highest degree.”

ALL JACKED UP AND FULL OF WORMS  joins Screambox’s growing library of unique horror content, including Pennywise: The Story of IT, Masters of Horror, 13 Nights of Elvira, PussyCake, When the Screaming Starts, Toxic Crusaders, and the forthcoming Terrifier 2.

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