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House of Spirits

Returning once more to Los Angeles is the immersive cocktail experience, HOUSE OF SPIRITS. Combining cocktails with an immersive story, attendees get to explore the manor-like space while learning more about the storyline that the team has put together. The storyline for this year is intriguing and will likely draw out fans of folklore to seek out the mystery behind Vaughan Hall. However, in execution, HOUSE OF SPIRITS: VAUGHAN HALL may have too much going on for it, making the overall experience itself quite chaotic to take in.

Meyer2Meyer Entertainment has taken over Casa Vertigo, which is a rather large space for attendees. Regulars in the immersive scene will remember the venue if they attended Theatre Macabre. The larger space is necessary, though, for the crowds that HOUSE OF SPIRITS: VAUGHAN HALL has drawn in this year. In a world operating in post-COVID logic, the crowds can intimidate. As an immuno-compromised attendee, I always wear a mask, but the larger crowds in this experience prompt me to further recommend the wearing of masks if you are concerned about getting sick. The people working will likely thank you too.

Guests are invited to dress up and costumes are encouraged. I saw some attendees dressed up in steampunk, channeling their inner vampires, and then some, which made for a fun time when seeing them next to the character actors in residence.


The onboarding process from the pre-show room into the start of the experience was a bit rough, with HOUSE OF SPIRITS: VAUGHAN HALL handling mostly the unfamiliar to the immersive realm. The ushers and performers did a good job in trying to herd and maintain control over some of the rowdier crowd members. Like in any attraction that sells alcohol, it does impact how attendees will react as the night goes on.

Now onto the story. There is a legend that surrounds Vaughan Hall, and it is up to the attendees to determine what is a myth and what is reality. It is said that Vaughan Hall is cursed The characters and themes of HOUSE OF SPIRITS: VAUGHAN HALL are loosely based on the famous haunting of Loftus Hall in Ireland. In a sandbox-style experience, there are clues and characters intermixed all throughout Casa Vertigo to help you figure out the truth of the legend. Just be warned. Sometimes the truth is worse than the fiction.

Because of the acoustics as well as the crowds, when interacting with the performers, you will need to get close to listen depending on the performer. Sound doesn’t carry well here.  That said, for those specifically aiming for the immersive components, the performers are game. Whether portraying monsters, the Morrigan, or various creatures lurking in a suspicious-looking forest, no one breaks character, and a little kindness goes a long way. There are also opportunities for one-on-ones with characters if chosen.

Other tidbits

There are plenty of other things to do while at Vaughan Hall. There is a little haunted maze, with actual dead ends. If you are strobe sensitive, I would not recommend visiting because it is quite intense. There is a scavenger hunt in a makeshift forest, where you will need to encounter creatures to gather items. If you gather all of them, you get a clue to help you in the mystery.

In another room, there is a Theater Macabre show for those who want to sit and watch a show. In the Red Room, there is a burlesque show, silk performers, a giant Ouija board, and a magician who performs for attendees in rotations. There is quite literally everything for everyone.

The primary draw for HOUSE OF SPIRITS are the cocktails, and there are many options throughout the venue. There is also food and other spirits offered if you so desire. Given the ticket prices and everything that people get to experience, the price seems more than worth it.

Final thoughts

HOUSE OF SPIRITS: VAUGHAN HALL is an experience more geared towards a broader audience, which has its plus and minuses. There are a lot of distractions that can take away from your time with the characters if you are here purely for the immersive story. The story and actors worked well, but distractions are a plenty. For those here to vibe and drink and have fun, I’d def recommend HOUSE OF SPIRITS for that purpose.

With plenty for attendees to do in the time given to be a part of the experience, I’d say the price of HOUSE OF SPIRITS: VAUGHAN HALL is more than worth it.

Ticket prices range, starting from $70-$90, with 3 ticketing options. The Standard ticket includes four miniature craft cocktails inspired by different rooms in the residence and access to all immersive attractions and show areas. The Plus tickets start from $75 and include five miniature craft cocktails, and access to all immersive attractions and show areas.

A new tier this year, the decadent Premier ticket, is “how adults trick or treat” – it includes five miniature craft cocktail tastings, paired with French chocolate truffles curated by chocolate “sommeliers”. Starting at $90, the Premier ticket also includes expedited check-in, first entry into the show and access to all attractions and show areas. Additional cocktails, beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages and food items will be available for purchase at the event.

Tickets for HOUSE OF SPIRITS: VAUGHAN HALL are on sale and can be purchased through Fever’s marketplace here.

As a note: the experience is likely to be difficult for those with mobility and sensory impairments.

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