[Series Review] ONE OF US IS LYING Season 2
In its first season, ONE OF US IS LYING ended on a cliffhanger. The mystery of the series had been solved, but someone had witnessed the climatic outcome of the big reveal (hint – a murder). Right before credits rolled, the characters who threatened by a new person taking on the role of Simon Says. And the second season of ONE OF US IS LYING is spent finding out who this new person is whilst each core character undergoes their own personal journey of growth and self-discovery.

I did not watch the first season, so I knew very little going into Season 2 of ONE OF US IS LYING. With that said, there is a quick previously seen portion that gets viewers up to speed. The show is also written in a way in which unknowing viewers can quickly pick up who is who and what the dynamics are within the series. That is a major bonus as a viewer, and I think a win for anyone who is worried about being lost and confused diving straight in.

ONE OF US IS LYING reminds of I Know What You Did Last Summer. A group of teens or young adults are being taunted by someone who knows what horrible crime they have committed. The difference here is ONE OF US IS LYING leans more into the mystery paranoia side of the whodunnit rather than engaging in slasher fare. With a major selection of people to choose from, the blackmailer could be anyone.

ONE OF US IS LYING wastes no time

Annalisa Cochrane as Addy l Peacock

While more whodunnit than slasher, ONE OF US IS LYING wastes no time yeeting its viewers into the action. How could they not after that cliffhanger? So, we hit the ground running for most of the season, with episode 5 luring us into a false sense of security, before resuming the dramatic intense shenanigans again.

Part of what eases the overwhelm is the clear relationship all the gang of characters has with one another. Building off the bonds and chemistry from last season, the cast here does a great job hooking both new and old viewers in. We get to spend equal time with Marianly Tejada (“Bronwyn”), Chibuikem Uche (“Cooper”), Annalisa Cochrane (“Addy”), Cooper van Grootel (“Nate”), Jess McLeod (“Janae”), and Melissa Collazo (“Maeve”) while they explore new areas of characters.

From PTSD to gender identity to sexuality and more, the topics here are covered with care and consideration with care. There is a balance here between these topics and the subsequent mystery, which reminds us that these are still teenagers figuring out a whole lot of crap amid a slew of twists that fate keeps throwing at them.

That said, how Erica Saleh handles the grey-area moralities of these characters is well done. They aren’t blameless regardless of age. They know right from wrong, and there are consequences that come with their decisions.

Takeaways from ONE OF US IS LYING

Courtesy Peacock

At its core, ONE OF US IS LYING is competently done, and I’d say builds well off what it established in its previous season. How can I say this without having seen the first? It’s all within the execution of its first episode. What isn’t covered in the ‘previously seen’ segment does get covered in its own way through the series, but more importantly, we’re caught up to speed in the first episode.

Viewers see the trauma these kids have yet to even recover from, but also the hostile environment they are moving in. The community they must navigate is judgmental and harmful to outsiders unless there is a way for the community or someone else to benefit. The fear of the truth is weaponized against them, and we see this done in subtle and blatant ways throughout the series.

With that said, ONE OF US IS LYING treads familiar ground. The mystery is executed well, and you won’t hesitate to start up the next episode. But if you’re searching for something that adds something new to the whodunnit genre, this isn’t it. I’d liken ONE OF US IS LYING to comfort food in a way. It is delicious and filling but won’t punch you in the mouth with a surprise flavor. I don’t know about you, but I personally love my comfort food viewings.

Both seasons of ONE OF US IS LYING are now available on Peacock.

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