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FRIGHT NIGHT is beloved by fans and it seems like at least one of the cast members is always being celebrated at one of my local cons. It’s a movie I had heard of growing up but never saw until I was in my 20s. Maybe it was the lack of nostalgia factor, but it never clicked with me. This 4K release is probably the third time I’ve seen FRIGHT NIGHT and it still doesn’t hit me like it does other horror fans. However, my opinion of the movie isn’t relevant here as most people purchasing this have already seen it and love it. The real good news is that there’s not only an audio and video upgrade, but both old and new supplemental material makes the double dipping worth it.

The video presentation is a slick upgrade without looking processed. The grainy 80s esthetic is still there but feels cleaned up. The 4K disc shows what can be done with a cult classic and be able to show off what feels like a brand new movie on their TV sets.

A nice supplement here is the Dolby Atmos track. While this doesn’t have a bombastic soundtrack, the audio track helps create an immersive experience for FRIGHT NIGHT, especially a nightclub sequence. It plays mostly front-heavy, but the slight sounds coming from the rear speakers make this disc an audio delight.
Speaking of supplements, this is a three-disc set that utilizes all the space provided here.

Director Tom Holland seems to have been involved with putting together these as he hosts or introduces much of the new material. New stuff includes deleted scene storyboards, an alternate trailer, and SFX storyboard comparisons.

One unique addition is a table reading of the script which involves the cast and crew, as well as special guests like Rosario Dawson and Jason Patric. “The Queer Lens” is a conversation between Bryan Fuller and star Amanda Bearse, delving into the queer subtext and how conscious the filmmakers were about this during a more conservative time in Hollywood. “A Novel Approach: The Splatterpunk Story of the Fright Night Novelization” is exactly what the title suggests, interviewing Holland, the novel writer, and publisher.

These are just the new supplements for the 4K release of FRIGHT NIGHT as older features are included as well. This results in the definitive release of a beloved vampire story that fans will treasure, thus making it a worthwhile addition to fans’ collections.

FRIGHT NIGHT is now available as a 4K limited edition Steelbook.

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