[Article] Horror to Look for at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2022

[Article] Horror to Look for at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2022
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The 2022 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is fast approaching! With a slate of films from various sub-genres, there is something for everyone to enjoy. They have doomsday horror, creature features, psychological, slashers, and more. Horror, like comedy, is a tricky genre to navigate, requiring that tension to be held and released at optimum moments, just like a well-crafted punchline. Given the list of films, some will deliver haunting frights to usher in Halloween! Here is a breakdown of some of the movies to look forward to!

Our Official List of Horror Recs for Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

DAUGHTER, directed and written by Corey Deshon, stars Casper Van Diem as Father, Elyse Dinh as Mother, and Vivien Ngô as Sister. A young woman is held against her will and forced into a family dynamic with her captors. They believe the end has arrived, and the air outside is poisonous. Whether they reveal this as the truth or a lie constructed by doomsday believers, there is sure to be tension as the psychological aspects of family and oppression collide. Also want to see how far this “family” is willing to go to keep everyone locked away.

If you like scary stories and supernatural chills, Isaac Ezban’s EVIL EYE, might be just the thing for the spooky season. An ill young girl and her older sister are left with their grandmother at her home in the country. As bedtime stories of demonic shapeshifters start to sound plausible, fear the grandmother is not who she seems climbs. Atmospheric horror set in the country is always a delight. Here’s hoping for shadows and hair-raising terror to meet chilling practical effects.

Written and directed by Zach Passero, THE WEIRD KIDZ is an animated horror comedy. A trio of 12-year-old boys tags along with one of their older brother and his girlfriend. As they camp by the fire, a local monster arrives, and drama ensues. This sounds interesting because the monster could be a monster, or we could have a Ludo from Labyrinth beast. So if you like your chills with a side of chuckles, this one might be for you. Either way, given I’ve seen some great horror and horror comedy animation in the past, I am all in on this one.

Slash/Back l Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

Remakes may get a bad rap, but sometimes they knock it out of the park. Fingers crossed that TERROR TRAIN is the latter. Based on the 80s horror film of the same name that starred scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, the new movie describes itself as a reimagining. The original had a group of college students massacred on a train for a vicious prank they had previously pulled. This follows a similar story but is this a group targeted because of a traumatic trick? Or just a random slaughter. Given how far horror films have come, let’s see if they one up the deaths in the original with flair.

SLASH/BACK tagline, “Don’t f**k with the girls of Pang,” lets you know you’re in for a hilariously good time. Directed by Nyla Innuksuk, the story follows Maika (Tasiana Shirley) and her friends living in Pangnirtung, a small Arctic town, when aliens invade. With no choice but to fight back, the teens make weapons to stop this invasion in its tracks. Looking like a mix between Invasion of The Body Snatchers and “Paper Girls,” the film might be a horror gem with terrific practical effects. Check out our review here!

MOTHER SUPERIOR, directed by Marie Alice Wolfszahn, looks to be another eerie horror. Sigrun Fink agrees to care for an old Baroness in her rundown manor. Fink may not be there out of the goodness of her heart. The older woman used to run an Aryan maternity ward, and Fink is looking for her birth parents. There may be psychological horror, but the film also taps into magic, and I’ve heard stories about Hitler, Nazis, and their obsession with the occult. This could go in an alarming direction, and I am ready. Plus, I love occult tales of terror.

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, presented by Shudder, is running October 13th to the 20th with screenings held at Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg and Williamsburg Cinemas.


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