For humans, the tales of dragons from long ago are just a fantasy. But deep in the hilly streets of Los Feliz is a pocket dimension that will open our eyes and shake our hearts with the knowledge that dragons do exist, as well as much much more. Just watch your step, go in with an open mind, and you will be able to reap generous world-building rewards (and get a little spongey cake in the mix.) Returning back this fall with an extended cut, Spy Brunch, LLC, presents DRAGON SHOW: THE EXTENDED TAIL, and boy, this show is a much-needed dose of fantastical escapism.

Making great use of the limited space, the team has transformed the backyard of this seemingly innocent-looking home into a whimsical fairytale-like space. Guests are taken through a makeshift portal that serves as a go-between and clever immersive entryway point into the magical realm we’re about to enter. Greeted by Cellar Door (Katelyn Schiller), through a musical interlude, we learn about the rules and catch up on the dynamics of the world we’re about to fully enter. It also serves as a way to set the tone for the production which is, for the most part, light and positive.

But not all is as it seems in this would-be happy-go-lucky exploration of the fae. There’s an undercurrent of nervousness once we make our way through the dark path between our world and the fae realm. There is a secret lurking in the air. No matter! Met with the presence of four distinctly different fae beings, audiences will get to explore and learn more about the overarching story through character interactions.

Courtesy Spy Brunch, LLC

There’s nothing intimidating about these characters. Well, Pointy might be intimidating, but they just need someone to meet them at their level of understanding, or so I learned. But these characters are easily accessible, making DRAGON SHOW: THE EXTENDED TAIL a good one to recommend for both newcomers and veterans of the immersive format. The show’s overall content matter is fitting for all ages, which makes it one of the rare immersive shows out there accommodating to all ages and comfort levels. While occasionally a thread of conversation might disrupt the flow of improv, for the most part, the performers are skilled and game for most of what you can verbally throw at them.

The two-hour timeframe gives plenty of time for exploration of the space as well as time with the other characters, but there are a couple of small issues I noticed whilst attending the night’s show. A mild criticism is that there is a puzzle of sorts to put together needed for events that take place in the third act. From an observational standpoint, there was some guidance but, for the seemingly greener crowd of immersive attendees, there probably should have been a bit more explanation to put the dots together in getting the puzzle solved. There is also a Knight character that some audience members had interaction with but, if you were not one of those few, their inclusion in the final act might confuse more than click.

What really sells everything, aside from the performances, is the meticulous care taken with the costumes (including puppetry in this), makeup, and set designs. Transforming a backyard into something truly magical is no small feat, and knowing how arduous a task it is to put together those tiny fairy homes, you can’t help but respect the craft that went into things here. You’ll want to stay and play around in this backyard forever. Then you’ll really have to worry about your fate then! The dragon puppet design as well, including the transition into the more humanoid form, is exquisitely done. If you’re a fan of dragons, puppets, and costumery, this section of the show will make you flail with glee.

There are COVID protocols still in place for this show. Masks are required for attendance and they will be checking vaccination statuses and temperatures once you arrive onsite. If this is a problem, well, boo. Faekin and dragons can get sick too!

A show fitting to wrap up our summer-going shenanigans before we welcome the embrace of fall, DRAGON SHOW: THE EXTENDED TAIL is a good show to take people of all ages to. Perfect for all levels of interaction, this 120-minute-long show provides plenty to enjoy. There are still tickets left, so get them HERE.

PS. Do not boop the dragons. They may eat you.

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