Jurassic Park is one of those perfect movies that just holds up even decades later. For whatever reason, the special effects from a 1993 movie are more of a spectacle than some of the big blockbusters out now. Several sequels later and they are still an event to get excited about. While the quality is questionable with every film, they still manage to draw us to purchase a ticket in hopes to see dinosaurs go crazy. Now, we have the Chris Pratt trilogy which focuses half on dinosaurs and half on his onscreen charisma and form-fitting shirts. I’m not really complaining as sometimes the sex appeal the studio is clearly milking distracts from an often stale script. JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION is a mixed bag but still worth the ride.

When Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom arrived, we were promised some OGs, but merely received a cameo from Jeff Goldblum that was clearly shot in one day. It also left us with a cliffhanger that insinuated a third film where dinosaurs literally rule the world. DOMINION sort of delivers, but creates a storyline that takes us away from the general population and onto another island. The biggest issue with this is that DOMINION feels like two movies that cropped into one. We have the Chris Pratt storyline, carrying on from previous Jurassic World films and we have the surviving Jurassic Park carrying their own storyline. It all feels constipated until they spill onto each other during the third act.

It does get a bit more fun when the two worlds collide but it takes too long to get there. The more frustrating part is that when they do meet, it happens relatively fast and ends too quickly as it starts to get exciting. Fortunately, most people buying a ticket are not here for the storyline. We want big-budget escapism and DOMINION delivers somewhat.

Luckily, the 4K release gives fans something to show off at home. The DTS-X track sounds bombastic and delivers the surround sound experience one expects from one of these movies. The video presentation is sharp and provided on disc via a 2160p/Dolby Vision UHD presentation. The scenery in some of the locations helps show off vividness and is pleasing to the eye. In regards to extras, I personally found it to be a bit of a letdown. There’s a short film along with a special effects featurette. The best attraction is a multi-part exploring the movie in detail called “Dinosaurs Among Us: Inside JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION.” I was hoping there would be more of a retrospective on the franchise as this is supposedly the end to the rebooted trilogy.

No one will be surprised if a new film is announced in the next few years, but I’m more curious if it will follow the current continuity of the franchise or just give us a whole new reboot. Nostalgia has been hot for a few years now, but that tank is running dry. DOMINION isn’t one of the best in the franchise, but it isn’t the worst despite what others may say. While the movie needed a couple more drafts, the audio and video presentations make this an essential home theater experience for fans.

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