[News] Vixen By Micheline Pitt and La Femme En Noir Launch Dual BEETLEJUICE Collections

[News] Vixen By Micheline Pitt and La Femme En Noir Launch Dual BEETLEJUICE Collections
Beetlejuice X La Femme En Noir
LA fashion houses Vixen by Micheline Pitt and La Femme En Noir, known for their vintage-style fashion and glamorously gothic designs respectively, have teamed up with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to design dual clothing and accessories collections inspired by the one and only ghost with the most, BEETLEJUICE™!

Featuring suits, skirts, dresses, and a multitude of accessories inspired by the film’s characters, costume design, and overall aesthetic, the officially licensed collections complement each other while remaining true to each house’s unique perspective. BEETLEJUICE X La Femme En Noir takes a darker, fashion forward approach to everyone’s favorite strange and unusual gal Lydia and the Living, while BEETLEJUICE X Vixen By Micheline Pitt’s playful and colorful prints gives homage to our favorite ghosts and ghoulies on the other side of the veil.

“Seeing Beetlejuice for the first time as a kid changed my life,” says Vixen founder and designer Micheline Pitt. “I was so enamored by the vivid colors of the afterlife and the multi-decade inspired designs. This film was influential to me as a person, artist and designer. I pretty much only wear black and still find myself obsessed with black and white striped anything. I am certain this film had a lot to do with that.

“It was truly a wild experience to create these premium collections from a film that will continue to be loved for generations to come. Lynh Haaga and I spent the last two years designing and working on this massive collection that captures so many iconic characters for the first time in fashion. Never in the history of our brands have we combined forces to release a dual licensing collection, until now.”

“The movie holds such a special place for many that grew up mesmerized by this unique and fun movie,” says La Femme En Noir co-founder and designer Lynh Haaga. “Lydia’s relatability as a beautiful yet strange young woman captivated me. The bold fashion, spectacular imaginative characters and their makeup FX are what I remembered the most. Micheline and I are so thrilled to debut this exciting collection full of what inspired us the most from this movie; tailored black and white stripes, statement shoulders, late ’80s shapes, and thematic prints. We had so much fun designing the collections, and for La Femme en Noir and Vixen by Micheline Pitt it was a chance to collaborate together to showcase both brands’ style into one bold collection.

Each supernaturally divine collection launches today. BEETLEJUICE X La Femme En Noir is available now at LaFemmeEnNoir.net and BEETLEJUICE X Vixen By Micheline Pitt is available now at michelinepitt.com.

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