[SDCC News] From the Director of Sharknado, Check Out the NIX Trailer!

[SDCC News] From the Director of Sharknado, Check Out the NIX Trailer!
NIX l 1091 Pictures
1091 Pictures, a Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (Nasdaq: CSSE) company, acquired all North American rights to the psychological horror film NIX.

Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante (Sharknado) and was written by Skyler Caleb, James Zimbardi, Woodrow Wilson Hancock III and Ferrante, the film stars James Zimbardi (Awaken the Shadowman), Dee Wallace (Halloween, E.T.) and Michael Pare (Streets of Fire). The film is financed by executive producer Gary Rubens and is produced by Hancock. NIX will be released on September 27, 2022, on all major digital platforms.

The psychological horror film debuted its trailer yesterday during a panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego that featured Anthony C. Ferrante, Dee Wallace, Skyler Caleb, James Zimbardi, Woodrow Wilson Hancock III, Angie Teodora Dick and Niesha Renee Guilbot.

Inspired by Germanic folklore, the story of NIX follows a tragedy at a mysterious lake and its frightening consequences as a shattered family unravels the truth.

Dee Wallace, an established film icon with roles in Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Cujo, The Frighteners and Steven Spielberg’s E.T., stars as the family’s matriarch. The movie also features Skyler Caleb (Waking), Angie Teodora Dick (Zombie Tidal Wave) and introduces Niesha Renee Guilbot.

Anthony C. Ferrante directed the worldwide phenomenon, Sharknado and the subsequent sequels. This will be his first dramatic horror film since the 2005 hit Boo.

“Once we landed on the concept of Nix and realized its potential, I was excited to return to my horror roots with this elevated, original horror movie,” said Ferrante. “It was also a chance to dig deep into these fractured, haunted characters and explore the depth and emotion within this dark setting while still delivering solid thrills and chills. I’m very proud of the film we created and excited to work with 1091 Pictures to unleash it this fall just in time for Halloween.”

The rights for the domestic distribution deal were brokered by Jackrabbit Media’s Jack Campbell on behalf of the filmmakers, who are also handling foreign sales on the title.

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