[News] Cinespia Brings All the Movies to the Yard This July
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In case you missed it, Cinespia, LA’s favorite cinematic experience presented by Amazon Studios, has a whole bunch of films in store for the month of July including Showgirls (7/16), Jackie Brown (7/23), and The Birds (7/30) at Hollywood Forever with an additional screening of Pretty in Pink (7/22) at Los Angeles State Historic Park.

“We’re excited to announce the rest of our films for the month of July,” Said Cinespia Founder John Wyatt. “It’s definitely a stacked lineup of amazing classics everyone will love.”

Saturday, July 16th – Showgirls at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The show must glow on with the heel-clicking, pole-licking mother-strutting glitz fit! The Vegas Strip lives up to its name in the vivid and voluptuous fever dream of neon, nails, and Nomi. It’s a pole new world when a fiery woman hitches her way to Las Vegas, where excess sells. Join us for the glam-packed camp master classic with all the adult fun and titillating fashion tantrums for extra sultry splendor in the grass. Pick your pleasure at our Beer and Wine Bar with all the drinks for your nice vice, baby. Chow down with your favorite eats at our concessions stand and grill with deliciousness and a bag of chips. Snatch the crown with high fashions and Ver-sayce in our Free Photo Booth. Thrust it on our dance floor, but don’t trip. There’s enough spotlight for every star. It ain’t a party without you. See you there, darlin’!

Friday, July 22nd – Pretty in Pink at Los Angeles State Historic Park.

Don’t waste good lip gloss! Join Cinespia for a beloved classic at the LA State Historic Park written and produced by John Hughes. Fashionista teen Andie (Molly Ringwald) sees her high school plans go haywire when a preppy boy invites this pretty in pink dream girl to prom. Packed with 80s fashion, colorful characters and genuine teen angst, enjoy the 1980s classic also starring Harry Dean Stanton, Annie Potts, and James Spader. Whether you’re Ducky chic or a Psychedelic Furs fiend, wear your freshest fashion creations for our freePhotobooth. DJ sets before and after the film bring the white hot trax under the stars. There might be side effects from skipping the prom.

Saturday, July 23rd – Jackie Brown at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Ride sky high for the 25th Anniversary of Tarantino’s slick sting ring crime caper with a cherry on top. Hell hath no fury like Pam Grier scorned as the forever cool heroine cons one and all. It’s the unkind leading the unkind when a money smuggler’s grind is put to halt by a cop (Michael Keaton) and ruthless-yet-riotous gun kingpin (Samuel L. Jackson). It’s in the bag if you bring your own picnic, or let our grill do the grilling and our concessions stand do the thrilling. No need to smuggle beer and wine. Bring your own or let our bar quench your thirst. Grab a coffee to keep up with the twists and spurns. Our Photobooth will bring the silky charms to life. Booyah!

Saturday, July 30th – The Birds at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Fright night takes flight with Hitchcock’s beauty and the beak horror masterpiece. Bird’s the word when things get trippy for wild socialite Tippy Hedren on a trek to a small town for hunky Rod Taylor. It’s fight or flight after birds decide the apocalypse is nigh high. When a mysterious bird lady puts townspeople against talons, feathered friends are ruffled for a riot and fiend for sadistic spree. One of the most daring and breathtaking thrillers ever still manages to shock and caw. Swoop there it is with birds in the schoolyard and on the big screen. No one is safe. After all, a group of crows is murder. Join us for this special evening in the cemetery with a themed Free Photobooth, a sunset picnic with beer and wine to wet your beak, and Hitchcockian shrieks under the stars.

What began with a screening of Strangers on a Train for a few hundred people has become a Los Angeles institution, hosting hundreds of thousands of moviegoers on the famed Fairbanks Lawn. Now the most popular outdoor cinema event in Southern California, Cinespia is celebrated by fans and filmmakers for hosting a relaxed, off-beat experience. Welcoming up to 4,000 moviegoers per night, guests are invited to bring their own blankets, food, and drinks (including beer and wine), before settling in under the stars for a classic (and sometimes campy) cinematic experience. The magic of Hollywood’s most memorable moments is heightened by the roar of the crowd and movies on the big screen. Every screening also features world class DJ talent to keep the crowd buzzing before and after the main event.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.cinespia.org.

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