[Documentary Review] AMERICAN WEREWOLVES
[Documentary Review] AMERICAN WEREWOLVES
Courtesy Small Town Monsters

Over here at Nightmarish Conjurings, we love a Seth Breedlove Small Town Monsters documentary and we’ve seen it all. From aliens to skinwalkers to thunderbirds and more, when Breedlove makes a documentary, we are there for it. The newest release called AMERICAN WEREWOLVES focuses on the sightings and stories of canine cryptids across the US and this installation feels a lot different from past documentaries we’ve seen.

AMERICAN WEREWOLVES takes a significant step away from the usual investigative format of Small Town Monsters documentaries to focus entirely on the stories of eyewitnesses. While some may see it as an unwelcome change, this may be one of my personal favorites from Seth Breedlove. Documentaries with a host interviewing and investigating are a dime a dozen these days so if AMERICAN WEREWOLVES followed that format, it honestly wouldn’t be anything special. This documentary takes out any interviewer and zooms in on the people who experienced these dog men in their various forms.

This film takes a hard influence from paranormal shows from the ’80s and ’90s both in feel and blatant filters used on the footage. Is it a bit hokey sometimes? Yeah. The filter is pretty on the nose and the recreations of the beasts have lighting that would make any “Creepshow” fan proud. It has a comic book feel with the heavy blue and red lighting that was utilized in the “Creepshow” franchise. While it does take away from some of the seriousness of the stories with a goofy guy in a wolf suit, it also made it strangely enjoyable.

Courtesy Small Town Monsters

The biggest thing that I came away with from AMERICAN WEREWOLVES is how much better this film would be as a podcast episode. The filming aside from the re-enactments was extremely simplistic and I found myself just enjoying listening to the stories more than watching them. There was one particular story near the beginning that was SUPER heavy and hits you in the gut a bit. The stories from the interviewees involved in this documentary seem more raw and real than in past films. These people seem scared or traumatized from what they have seen, which is a strange juxtaposition from the man in the wolf suit footage they create.

This documentary discusses the possible origins of canine monsters that could be lurking in the various forests of North America. Could these beasts be Native American protective spirits? Could they be actual werewolves; people who have transformed into monsters? Or could these dogmen just be another species we haven’t yet discovered despite the sightings? One thing links them together: these creatures are huge, furry, and ferocious, putting fear into those to see them.

Overall, AMERICAN WEREWOLVES might be my favorite Seth Breedlove cryptid documentary next to his thunderbirds film. The stories and the re-enactments don’t match at all, but if you close your eyes and listen to the stories presented, you will be left feeling eerie and watched, never knowing what is hiding behind the trees in America’s forests.

AMERICAN WEREWOLVES is now on major streaming platforms, from 1091 Pictures, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and FandangoNOW.

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