[News] NEON LIGHTS - Family Secrets Take a Dark Turn in Latest Trailer
Courtesy Momentum Pictures
Momentum Pictures has released the official poster and trailer for the upcoming horror-thriller, NEON LIGHTS. Make sure you check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

Thirty-year-old tech tycoon, Clay Amani (Dana Abraham), is on the verge of a hostile takeover of Tempest Tech, all while he attempts to overcome mental health disorders and childhood traumas. Upon the advice of his therapist Dr. Mori (Brenna Coates), Clay retreats to an off-grid location for a family reunion with his misfit siblings, in order to “face his traumas, head on.”

During the reunion, family secrets are revealed, that ripple tidal waves through the, already, strained relationships between Clay and his family. In hopes of turning this tragic encounter around, Denver Kane (Kim Coates), Clay’s trusted advisor attempts to help Clay navigate and come to terms with what’s truly required to get back on track, and focus on what’s truly important, to retake control of his company. But things go very awry, and Clay is left fighting for more than just his company, when guests begin disappearing.

NEON LIGHTS stars Dana Abraham (A Hundred Lies, Maternal), Brenna Coates (The Sinners, “Coroner”), Brit MacRae (“Hidden Springs”, The Eden Theory), Stephen Tracey (“The Expanse”, “Good Sam”), Rene Escobar, Jr. (Heart of the Holidays, “Good Sam”), Erika Swayze (“Hudson & Rex”, “Workin’ Moms”), Lauren Howe (“Reacher”) and Kim Coates (Fantasy Island, “Sons of Anarchy”).

The film is directed by Rouzbeh Heydari (Together Again, “The Cool Guy Files”) with a screenplay written by Dana Abraham.

NEON LIGHTS will be available on Digital and on Demand on July 12!

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