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Smart Mouth Productions announces post-production is complete on THEY WAIT IN THE DARK, the latest feature from celebrated indie horror film director/writer Patrick Rea (I Am Lisa, Arbor Demon, Nailbiter). Rea’s latest film was shot in the summer of 2021 entirely on location in the Kansas City area.

Director Rea brings his unique vision to the latest addition in his catalog. “I had always wanted to make a haunted house story, but I didn’t want to regurgitate the same plot that had been done a million times before to varying results. I wanted to come at this specific sub-genre of horror from a fresh angle,” explains Rea.

The supernatural/domestic thriller stars Sarah McGuire (The Stylist, I Am Lisa), Laurie Catherine Winkel (MacGyver, Father of the Bride), and introduces newcomers Patrick McGee and Paige Maria.

McGuire stars as Amy, a young woman on the run with her young son Adrian (McGee) from her abusive ex-girlfriend (Winkel). When the past rises up to haunt them they must confront the forces threatening them from both outside and in.

From Executive Producer Meagan Flynn, “What does our past mean for our future? Can the cycles of abuse be broken? And are the things that haunt us real or otherworldly or both? These are the questions Dark challenges us with.”

With sound design and score by Ben Benefield and special effects makeup from Jake Jackson, THEY WAIT IN THE DARK is currently open for sales and distribution inquiries

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