[Blu-ray/DVD Review] HEAVY METAL 4K
HEAVY METAL l Courtesy Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
It doesn’t take much these days for a movie to be considered a cult film. Thanks to online forums and social media, word of mouth is easier to catch. On top of that, memes and gifs have created a whole new monster but it sometimes works to the benefit of independent cinema. One of the most popular images I’ve seen without context is of the child being eaten by an older woman with a demonic mouth. Us horror geeks knew right away that this is one of the most memorable sequences in The Taking of Deborah Logan, and we can make it our mission to let the general population aware so they can rent or stream the film.

However, years ago, it wasn’t so simple to get the word out when a film was deemed weird or too subversive. Browsing the video store and grabbing the most interesting cover art was the most popular way to go, but some of us also had access to what was called Pay Per View, an earlier incarnation of streaming where you would pay a rental fee to watch a newer release during a specific time slot. If you were like me who had a single parent that worked the night shifts, you caught some real sexy stuff that I wasn’t sure was meant to be pornographic or a parody of porn. HEAVY METAL was something that came on one of those nights, I’m going to assume as part of an anniversary release as it was already a decade past its initial release when I saw it.

I was way too young when I saw it and was curious as to how this orb that was floating around different stories was affecting the characters. HEAVY METAL was violent, vibrant, and had characters sporting full-frontal nudity voiced by actors I recognized, like John Candy.

This to me defined what a cult movie was made of. It’s pure science fiction, animated over rock and roll tunes that dare you to light up a joint and take a musical journey into a new world.

Sony has unleashed a gorgeous new 4K steelbook that amplifies the senses which is essential for the true HEAVY METAL experience. The real standout here is the new Dolby Atmos track. Bass and rumbling are everywhere and that helps create an immersive experience. There was a point where I thought I was listening to a live feed of a Cheap Trick concert and I totally wanted to run throw on some of my records. Not only that, we get Black Sabbath, Devo, Stevie Nicks, Journey, and much more. This is a perfect science-fiction experience for music lovers and this new track shows off the best of it.

There’s a short ten-minute retrospective featuring famous fans looking back on their love for HEAVY METAL. Along with the 4K disc, there’s a Blu-ray disc also included with more special features. As an extra bonus, the sequel HEAVY METAL 2000 is also included on Blu-ray. While many see it as an inferior film, completists will appreciate the inclusion.

HEAVY METAL is essential when it comes to what falls into cult status. Sony’s new steelbook release is excellent and belongs in every physical media collection.

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