[News] RADIO RENTAL is Back to Hit Our Earholes April 29
Radio Rental
This Spring marks the fourth installment of the top-charting semi-scripted audio series RADIO RENTAL. Set in the backdrop of an 80s-style video store, the series chronicles real-life narrations of spooky and unexplainable supernatural encounters, including horror, crime and paranormal activity. Actor, comedian, director, and producer Rainn Wilson (“The Office”) narrates the voice of Terry Carnation, a fictional and eccentric video store clerk who holds a secret VHS collection that houses true tales of horror and the unexplainable phenomenons.

In each episode, Terry Carnation plays different tapes that feature first-hand experiences of people who’ve lived to tell their terrifying tales. Lindsey goes to great lengths to verify the validity of each story, scouring forums and allowing the series listeners to become part of the narrative storytelling by recounting their scary and spooky experiences – only the best tales are chosen for the show. The series is a combination of documentary storytelling and humor/comedy. The first-person narrative accounts range from near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, surreal encounters with the dead, close encounters with serial killers, to unexplainable time travel into the unknown, among other eerie tales.

Since making its debut in 2019, the series has amassed millions of listens and was recently nominated for a 2022 Ambies Award for “Best Performer in Audio Fiction” (Rainn Wilson as “Terry Carnation”). The newest installment opens up with “Surrounded,” a cautionary tale of a dating app encounter that leads one man to venture off thousands of miles away from home and in treacherous territory, and “Turn Back” which follows two spontaneous kids into the woods where they meet their mystical match.

RADIO RENTAL, in partnership with Audacy’s Cadence13, returns for its fourth installment with host Rainn Wilson and executive producer and show creator Payne Lindsey. The new installment is available everywhere on Friday, April 29, wherever you listen to podcasts, with new episodes being released each Friday.

Listen to RADIO RENTAL wherever you listen to your podcasts. For more information, visit https://radiorentalusa.com/. Tenderfoot+ subscribers received early access on April 22nd, including exclusive access to bonus content mid-season.

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