[News] A TASTE OF BLOOD Arrives on Digital May 10

[News] A TASTE OF BLOOD Arrives on Digital May 10
Courtesy Cleopatra Entertainment
Cleopatra Entertainment will release Santiago Fernandez Calvete’s horror film A TASTE OF BLOOD based on Aleksey Tolstoy’s 1839 short story “The Family Of The Vourdalak”, on Digital platforms this May.

The film, hot from an international film festival run, takes place in the uncertain hours after a vampire hunt when it’s unclear if the hunter himself has been turned into a creature of the night. Will his family find out in time, or will their sentiment make them easy prey for the novice nightwalker?

Releasing May 10, the film stars German Palacios, Tomas Carullo Lizzio, Naiara Awada, Lautaro Bettoni and Alfonsina Carrocio.

A TASTE OF BLOOD, based on Tolstoy’s short story, gets its North American release on May 10, 2022. Stay tuned! The trailer for the film will be released later this week.

About Cleopatra Entertainment

Cleopatra Entertainment is the film division of long time Los Angeles-based indie label Cleopatra Records, most known for promoting dark and experimental music. Founded in 2015, the company has distributed, developed, and produced several films most of which have a strong horror and/or music component

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