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If you are an avid reader here at Nightmarish Conjurings (and why wouldn’t you be? Seriously? Why not?), you know we love us some Seth Breedlove documentaries. He has pumped information straight to our brains about aliens, bigfoot, thunderbirds, and more. Breedlove is back on the UFO hunt with his new documentary ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: NIGHT VISITORS and this time, it gets a little gross.

ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: NIGHT VISITORS takes us to cattle ranches in Colorado for an investigation run by Shannon LeGro. LeGro interviews various ranch owners, specifically those of Miller Ranch, that have been experiencing instances of mysterious cattle deaths and mutilations for years on their land. From organs and blood missing to cuts of surgical precision, the deaths have baffled ranchers and experts alike. The phenomenon isn’t isolated to Colorado but expands to ranches all over the country with no answer to the question: who or what is killing all of these animals and leaving them cut, drained, and hollowed?

The problem that I have had with so many documentaries lately is that they fall into two very distinct categories: dry as Clark Griswold’s Christmas turkey or so melodramatic that it gives Zak Bagans a run for his money. Small Town Monsters, the production company created by Seth Breedlove, doesn’t really have that problem. Their documentaries, including ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: NIGHT VISITORS, fall somewhere in the middle of those two categories, where informative entertainment lies. Everyone has had that moment watching something informative that you look at the timer and see just how much longer the doc has. I didn’t have that moment with ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: NIGHT VISITORS. The story and the interviews were so engaging and interesting that the show was over before I knew it. Not once was I bored or looking at the clock.

There were no hokey moments of over-dramatized stories and no scary music cues. Breedlove and Legro gathered information and laid it out succinctly and cohesively with enough entertainment value to keep the watcher engaged. On top of it all, the film will leave you with an eerie feeling in the pit of your stomach. Whether or not you believe in aliens isn’t the real question here. These cows are left with wounds that don’t match that of a predator. There are no tears in the skin or muscle but there are slices and cuts. There are no pools of blood where there rightfully should be and in some instances, there is no blood at all to speak of.

Do we learn anything about who or what is doing these animal mutilations? No, not really. This is a mystery that will continue long after ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: NIGHT VISITORS. We do, however, finally get a peek behind the curtain of what our ranchers see happening on their land all the time. Are these animals targeted because of their DNA or is it the land itself that is causing this to happen? As the wise old owl in the Tootsie Pop commercials said, “The world may never know.”

Small Town Monsters‘ latest documentary, ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: NIGHT VISITORS, will arrive on Cable VOD and Digital HD beginning April 5th from 1091 Pictures.

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