[News] Get Ready to Meat Your Match with Sideshow ‘s Latest

[News] Get Ready to Meat Your Match with Sideshow 's Latest
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“My family’s always been in meat.” – The Hitchhiker

Sideshow ‘s latest horror collectible will make a killer addition to any collection! The Leatherface (Killing Mask) 1/6 Scale Figure draws inspiration from the nightmarish character’s appearance in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974).

The Leatherface (Killing Mask) 1/6 Scale Figure features a meticulously tailored fabric costume consisting of a collared shirt, black pants, a patterned necktie, and a blood splattered butcher’s apron in addition to his sculpted black boots.

Leatherface’s namesake portrait is equally unsettling, with every detail — from his sallow skinned and brutally stitched “face” to his wild unkempt hair — replicated in one sixth scale.

The Leatherface (Killing Mask) 1/6 Scale Figure includes several accessories and alternate swap-out hands allowing for a wealth of posing and display options.

Bubba Sawyer comes equipped with his signature chainsaw and a mallet, equally ideal for chasing intruders off the family property or harvesting the ingredients for dinner — head cheese anyone?

The Leatherface (Killing Mask) 1/6 Scale Figure also includes four pairs of left and right hands — fists, neutral hands, grip hands, and gesture hands — for interacting with his tools of the trade. A charm bracelet accent for Bubba’s wrist completes his frightening look…

Get ready to “meat” your match — pre-order the Leatherface (Killing Mask) 1/6 Scale Figure today!


For the last 28 years, Sideshow’s artists have created high-end pop culture statues and figures, including fully licensed collectibles inspired by the worlds of Marvel, Disney, DC, Warner Bros., and Lucasfilm, among others.

Sideshow.com has also become fandom’s premiere destination for the finest quality collectibles in the world, with multiple international brand partners including: Hot Toys, Premium Collectibles Studio, Iron Studios, Tweeterhead, Threezero, Kotobukiya, Prime 1 Studio, ACME Archives, Medicom Toy, Bandai, Insight Editions, Mondo, Enesco, Loungefly, Quantum Mechanix, Square Enix, New Zealand Mint, The Wand Company, Alex Ross Art, and many, many more!

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