[Immersive Experience] DRAGON SHOW
Courtesy Spy Brunch, LLC

DRAGON SHOW is an immersive show produced by Spy Brunch, LLC, and is a lovely spot of fantasy in pandemic times. The show stars, in alphabetical order, Steve Bradford as Soul Sorter and Scue Me, Sam Chan as Soul Sorter and Pointy, Nerea Duhart as Soul Sorter and Ohkay-bye, Mady Durbin as the Knight, Shoshanna Ruth-Green as Soul Sorter and Myfoot’s Asleep, Katelyn Schiller as The Guide/Cellar Door, and The Veil, and Reed Sights as Strawberry.

DRAGON SHOW starts with a mysterious group sorting you and the group that you enter the show with into different categories. The Guide asks you questions and gives you veiled hints at what’s to come. Only two short parts of the show take place indoors, one part is at the beginning and the other is at the end. The rest of the time is spent in the outdoor area that has been decorated by the second group of people that you meet. The set design for the show is organized chaos but has a sort of Alice In Wonderland aura.

Aside from The Guide, The Soul Sorters, and The Knight, who are very serious, the other characters are more curious and funny. I have to say that the show is very well cast. All of the actors have great likeability and believability in their roles, which isn’t easy or normal in immersive/interactive. They all radiate good cheer and charm, even the one character who is kind of cranky. The improvisation is mostly successful and, like many shows, you get what you give through interaction with the characters and the scenario. They got me to frolic and I haven’t been in a good enough mood to frolic for about two years.

I don’t want to spoil the ending or the show’s premise, so I will be brief, but when you get to the payoff, it’s really worth it. The Dragon itself is very impressive. For a live show held in a backyard in Los Feliz, it’s very very impressive. A lot of work and care goes into making The Dragon a workable concept and character. Is there more than one dragon? Maybe.

Courtesy Spy Brunch, LLC

The show takes about an hour and a half and I find it to have been an hour and a half well spent. To be candid, this kind of show is usually not my thing. Usually, I go for extreme horror and while this show is much more gentle, I found many things in it that were worthwhile. As I said to the people who produced the show, “I wasn’t waterboarded or covered in blood, but I had a wonderful time!!!” I felt wonder and I even opened up a little bit due to the vulnerability and earnestness of some of the actors. They got me to play along and since I am not this kind of show’s audience, that was a tall order.

DRAGON SHOW is a wonderful fantasy show with very good performances. It has a scary aspect with impressive costume design and dedicated actors. Did I mention that it’s also a musical? It is.  I recommend it.

Note: the show does have Covid protocols in place and while the actors are not masked, they are tested regularly and all visitors stay masked unless they are eating or drinking, which truthfully didn’t really occur during the show I attended. The production does have an official Covid safety officer. I did not get Covid from attending.

DRAGON SHOW was written and directed by Katelyn Schiller. It is produced by Shoshanna Ruth Green, Nick Rheinwald-Jones, and Katelyn Schiller. Music and lyrics are by Weston Gaylord. The Stage Manager is Amanda Eno. The assistant director is Shoshanna Ruth Green. The designers are John Carillo, Cam Sampson, Alexis Rheinwald-Jones, Shoshanna Ruth Green, Cameron Creath, Andy Bates, Linda Richardson, and Amanda Eno. The design supervisor is Shoshanna Ruth Green. The costume designer is Briana Roecks. The lighting designer is Anna Schumacher. The original score and sound design are done by Nick Rheinwald-Jones. The fight choreography is handled by Shoshanna Ruth Green. The graphic design is by Katelyn Schiller. The movement consultant was done by  Haylee Nichele. The Deputy Stage Manager is Courtney Rhodes. The photographer is Nick Malis. Publicity is handled by Brittany Sandler. The COVID safety consultant is Alexis Rheinwald-Jones, RN, MSN, FNP-BC. The Dragon card illustrators are hai666erhana, nox286, xekoluan, dimasraviandra, tamzania, danh_art, vumikha, miltondasro, samuelebs, lan_i.

It is a Spy Brunch Production brought to you by Co-Artistic Directors Nick Rheinwald-Jones and Katelyn Schiller. You can still acquire tickets to DRAGON SHOW here!

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