[News] Invite to Fans to Take Part in NIGHTMARE INDUSTRY
CREATORVC and the makers of The Found Footage Phenomenon are teaming up for NIGHTMARE INDUSTRY – the ultimate superdoc on Italian horror – and want to hear from superfans of “spaghetti splatter” and anyone hungry to sample the subgenre’s bloody delights. Using CREATORVC’s innovative community-driven entertainment model, NIGHTMARE INDUSTRY will not just be created for fans, but with fans: empowering Italian Horror devotees to have a say every step of the way, from initial validation to production and completion.

To put it simply: NIGHTMARE INDUSTRY can’t happen without your input!

Spearheaded by acclaimed author and journalist Eugenio Ercolani (Darkening The Italian Screen) and filmmaker Phillip Escott (The Found Footage Phenomenon), NIGHTMARE INDUSTRY will be the ultimate survey of Italian horror – charting the rise and fall over the decades of one of the wildest, goriest, and most unforgettable regional horror booms in the history of the genre through interviews with the filmmakers, stars, producers and crewmembers that experienced it firsthand.

CREATORVC, Eugenio Ercolani and Phillip Escott invite you to visit www.italianhorrordoc.com to share your thoughts and feedback on the proposed creative direction of NIGHTMARE INDUSTRY. Please complete the validation survey before Monday, January 24th.

NIGHTMARE INDUSTRY will tell the story of a small army of Italian filmmakers who helped shape the horror genre as we know it today. Boisterously challenging America’s dominant grasp on global cinema, their work pushed boundaries both technically and morally. From Gothic horror to the carnal violence of Gialli and the gut-munching terrors that followed in their wake, Italian horror cinema dominated the world market and NIGHTMARE INDUSTRY will expose how these much-loved filmmakers made these films, acquiring a legion of loyal fans as they went. This is a wild story of rivalries, heartbreak, compromises and creativity that transcended cinema and explores how a band of dedicated filmmakers changed the shape of horror forever…

Make your voice heard at italianhorrordoc.com, and follow along at @italianhorrordoc on IG & FB and @italianhorrordc on Twitter for continuing updates.

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