[Exclusive RED SNOW Clip] How Do You Like Your Stake?
RED SNOW l 4Digital Media
We here at Nightmarish Conjurings have been granted an exclusive clip from 4Digital Media for the upcoming release of the vampiric RED SNOW. The film is a perfect cozy vampiric addition to the holiday season in our opinion. Make sure you check out the clip below and let us know what you think!

A struggling vampire romance novelist must defend herself against real-life vampires during Christmas in Lake Tahoe.

When an injured bat transforms into a handsome vampire, struggling horror novelist Olivia Romo hides him in her garage to protect him from a vampire hunter. Besotted by the creature, she feeds him animal blood, but any chance of romance is soon thwarted when a gang of fellow bloodsuckers invade her home in search of their missing friend.

The film stars Dennice Cisneros (A Thousand Junkies, Exile), Nico Bellamy (Way of the Iron Buffalo Volume 1, “Boy and Girl”), Vernon Wells (The Road Warrior, Commando, Weird Science), Edward Ewell (The Lepers), and Laura Kennon (Red Flags, Wild Flower).

It’s written and directed by Sean Nichols Lynch (Audiobook of the Dead, Dream Warriors) and produced by Alrik Bursell (4 Pounds of Flowers, A Good Man).

RED SNOW will be released on DVD, Video On Demand, and Digital tomorrow, December 28, 2021. To learn more, check out our review from this year’s Panic Fest!

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