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The bromance is alive in VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE, a Marvel sequel that’s pleasantly less than two hours long. The first Venom was only three years ago yet the pandemic somehow makes this anticipated sequel feel like it was much longer to get here. LET THERE BE CARNAGE was instantly announced based on the first’s mega-success as well as the sequel set up during the end credits. The sequel dropped just two months ago in theaters and became a surprise success having an exclusive theatrical release during unprecedented times.

I missed it in the theaters, but that didn’t keep me from being excited once the screener landed on my doorstep. Tom Hardy stars as journalist Eddie Brock who is struggling to adjust to life with a parasitic alien, Venom. They have a love/hate relationship that causes a lot of conflict throughout the sequel. This escalates when serial killer, Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) escapes from prison after becoming the host of Venom’s spawn, Carnage. Chaos ensues and the 100 million dollars is utilized all over the screen.

The running time was previously mentioned as my common complaint with comic book movies is that many of them are way too long. They look fun and I want to have a good time, but not for two hours and then have to wait throughout the credits to catch the movie’s third ending. LET THERE BE CARNAGE is a sweet hour and a half and director Andy Serkis makes sure the audience is never bored. The movie lives up to its title as there is some form of destruction happening from beginning to end and actually succeeds in maintaining that tonal consistency. Hardy is not only one of the most gorgeous men in Hollywood, but he is so having a good time here. It makes sense considering he has a legit producer’s credit listed and behind-the-scenes features are edited to make him look more involved.

Speaking of behind-the-scenes features, there are several mini extras on the Blu-ray disc, each hitting between five to ten minutes. The most fun is “Eddie & Venom: The Odd Couple,” focusing on their chemistry and how those interactions were created. Hardy takes a break as Brock from his usual serious roles to embrace one of the silliest onscreen pairings. His willingness to go over the top in these movies makes them so much fun to watch and saves what could easily be a disaster from any other actor. A handful of deleted scenes and bloopers are also included.

On the technical side, the 4K disc delivers on what you would expect from a Marvel offering. The Dolby Atmos track has a bombastic effect in all the chaos. Venom’s voice gives a nice rumble and truly feels like an unseen presence throughout the film. Visually, the special effects are complemented by the Ultra HD release. Carnage’s red aesthetic has a slick look that shines especially in the final fight sequence.

VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE might not be everyone’s favorite in the Marvel universe, but Sony’s 4K disc will give your home entertainment center a much-needed boost of confidence.

VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE is now available on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD.

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