[Documentary Review] DEMON IN THE WHITE HOUSE

[Documentary Review] DEMON IN THE WHITE HOUSE
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I think after the last several years, there’s no question there are demons in the White House. Political commentary aside, what about ACTUAL demons hiding in the dark corners of the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? According to Discovery+, corrupt politicians aren’t the only worries the country faces. In “Shock DocsDEMON IN THE WHITE HOUSE, we get an in-depth look at the possibility of paranormal forces affecting the lives and choices of presidents past.

DEMON IN THE WHITE HOUSE was directed by Brook Linder and is based on a book called “The Residence” by Andrew Piper. It focuses mostly on the first ladies during the presidential terms of Franklin Pierce and Abraham Lincoln. Both families dealt with tragedy and Franklin Pierce also made a terrible choice that paved the way for Lincoln and the Civil War. All of this could have been influenced by a dark presence that tormented the Pierce family after their young son tragically died. Not only that, dead presidents can be seen around the White House, so what is actually going on? Is our nation’s capital a hotspot for paranormal activity?

There have been several paranormal documentaries to come out of Discovery+ in the last six months and they have been really hit or miss in terms of quality. Many of them have been so over-the-top that it was hard to connect to even the most serious aspects of the story. DEMON IN THE WHITE HOUSE, however, is a breath of fresh air in comparison. As a history nerd and a para-nerd, the idea that the White House could be teeming with spooks and spirits of all kinds hooked me immediately. The dramatic reenactments weren’t melodramatic but done well. Excess drama has been an issue with past documentaries but this one keeps it balanced. It’s informative and entertaining.

In the end, this documentary didn’t convince me there were any demons in the White House besides the living politicians that play with the country like a morbid game of tug-o-war. However, DEMON IN THE WHITE HOUSE gave an interesting view on grief, its effects, and the imprint of energy that we may leave behind. Past presidents and their families may very well be haunting the nation’s capital but I doubt their influence in their political decisions. To me, blaming some unnamed evil would take away the responsibility for their actions and I’m just not ready for that. It would seem that the White House may be full of ghosts of all kinds, paranormal and historical.

Catch Shock Docs DEMON IN THE WHITE HOUSE’s premiere on November 26th on Discovery+!

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