[Article] Nightmarish Conjurings' Holiday Gift Guide
Nightmarish Conjurings’ Holiday Gift Guide
Shopping for the holidays can be a real pain. And, for people who don’t know how to shop for horror fans, it can be a nightmare. We here at Nightmarish Conjurings would like to make the process easier. We’ve come together to deliver suggestions to help you guys out in picking out the best gifts in our 2021 gift guide. Ranging from DVDs to books to fancy threads, there are a handful of options to peruse in our gift guide. Like anything you see? Let us know because this gift guide is a labor of love and encouragement feeds the gremlins under our desks!



[Article] Nightmarish Conjurings' Holiday Gift Guide
Courtesy Lionsgate
There have been so many releases of the Evil Dead franchise that it’s nearly impossible to be a completist. While the new THE EVIL DEAD: GROOVY COLLECTION from Lionsgate is missing Army of Darkness, it has a beautiful-looking packaging housing the first two films in 4K restorations. The inclusion of the entire TV series sweetens the deal.

The ultimate collector’s edition, THE EVIL DEAD GROOVY COLLECTION will be available on 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital for the suggested retail price of $79.99, and can be purchased here.


Courtesy Paramount

Need something a little less supernatural horror and more realistic, murder-murder stabby-stabby horror? The Blu-ray set of DEXTER: THE COMPLETE SERIES may be a good one to snag for friends and fam. Dexter Morgan is back with a limited series and it’s still up in the air if it makes up for the controversial original series finale. However, that shouldn’t stop anyone from revisiting the series in all its bloody glory. Paramount has reissued the complete series in a shelf-friendly set that’s a must-own for fans.

DEXTER: THE COMPLETE SERIES current listing price is at $104.99, with Amazon pricing it at $114.99, which can be purchased here!


Horrified: American Monsters Board Game
Courtesy Miniature Market

From Ravensburger, the team behind 2019’s Horrified board game is back with an American Monsters edition. From Bigfoot to the Wendigo to the Mothman, there’s plenty of fun monstrous tidbits to take away from this exciting board game. The more creatures that are on the board, the harder it’ll be for players, but that’s where the fun comes into play. Highly recommend! The game is suggested for ages 10 and up, so if you have any older younglings, this might be a fun monster-filled time for the family during the holidays.

Horrified: American Monsters is now available for pre-order for $34.99 here!


Mandy – Cheddar Goblin 252-Piece, 2-Sided Puzzle from MondoShop
Courtesy MondoShop

Fans of Mandy will want to immediately snatch up this two-sided puzzle set featuring the much-beloved Cheddar Goblin. The Cheddar Goblin stole our hearts in its brief commercial appearance in the revenge-thriller! The front side features a behind-the-scenes snapshot of the famous scene from the film, while the reverse side offers a mouth-watering challenge for the enthusiast seeking a more advanced challenge. A fun puzzle piece for the horror-loving family, this puzzle set is appropriate for all ages.

Mandy – Cheddar Goblin 252-Piece, 2-Sided Puzzle is only $13 on MondoShop, which you can get here!


Dead Inside But Festive Pullover from ThePineTorch

[Article] Nightmarish Conjurings' Holiday Gift Guide
Courtesy ThePineTorch
Sweater lovers, rejoice. If you are completely exhausted and just not in the mood to dress up for the holidays (the ugly sweater parties…they’ve cometh), this pullover from ThePineTorch is just for you. Capturing the holiday spirit while still projecting the mood most of us feel, this unisex-style pullover hits all the right spots. For those who get chilly, it’s lined with fleece so it’ll help keep you warm.

You can find a variety of different dead on the inside items from ThePineTorch on Etsy. They have an array of pullovers, t-shirts, and mugs that feature similar wording for the dead at heart.


Ghost Knit Cardigan Sweater by Em and Sprout

[Article] Nightmarish Conjurings' Holiday Gift Guide
Courtesy Em and Sprout
When the weather starts to get chilly (unless you are here in Los Angeles), it’s time to start layering up. But oftentimes, this means having to sacrifice spoopy Halloween stylings in the process. Thankfully, one of our faves here at Nightmarish Conjurings has launched a new cardigan covered with ghosties. It’s also great for layering and will keep you warm as the temperature drops. Oh, did we mention it has pockets? It has pockets. Perfect for storing gloves or snacks to munch on during the holiday season.

The cardigan is $69.00, but you can pay for it in 4-installments of $17.25 with Klarna. You can go on over to Em and Sprout’s Etsy shop to buy here!


Gomez & Morticia 3 Enamel Pin Set by Badmouthed Bruja


[Article] Nightmarish Conjurings' Holiday Gift Guide
Courtesy Badmouthed Bruja
We found Badmouthed Bruja on Instagram one day and were instantly drawn in by the enamel pins they’ve created. Ranging from capturing the characters from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to all the characters we came to love and adore from Lovecraft Country, there’s something for everyone to love with these enamel sets. While a handful are sold out on the Badmouthed Bruja site, always check back in to see if there are site updates.

The Gomez & Morticia 3 Enamel Pin Set is $30 and can be purchased directly from Badmouthed Bruja here. Make sure to check out their other pins as well because there’s a lot to snatch up!


Cute Ghost Candle by Coolkie Shop
Courtesy Coolkie Shop

Halloween isn’t over until we say it’s over. Nothing says Halloween (and that the holidays are approaching) more than ghosts. And, with the arrival of Daylight’s Savings Time (move back, children…move back before it’s too late), it gets darker much sooner. A little candle can help light the way and these adorable ghost candles from Toronto-based Coolkie Shop can make a great addition to any spoopy home. It’s the right size to be fit into a stocking, be a Secret Santa gift, and more!

The cute ghost candles are $18.15, not including shipping. You can go and purchase them here!


Haunted Mansion Cookie Cutters from MainSweetCutters
Courtesy MainSweetCutters

For fans of The Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, this cookie cutter set is for you. From MainSweetCutters comes this set Haunted Mansion of cookie cutters that will bring an extra ounce of zest to your festive shenanigans. Nothing says the holidays more than some ghosts. There’s the logo, the Box ghost, and the hitchhiking ghosts! The designs are adorable and, if you buy the entire set, it’s super affordable too. Grim Grinning Ghosts will be beating down your door to socialize! Oh, and each set comes with no-fail cookie dough and icing recipes from the creators.

If you buy the Haunted Mansion Cookie Cutters individually, it’ll be $8.95. If you buy all five in the set together, it’ll be $29.95. Go on over to MainSweetCutters Etsy page here to purchase!


Freddy’s Nightmares – Original Broadcast Soundtrack LP from Mondo
Courtesy Mondo

First time ever on vinyl is the soundtrack for Freddy’s Nightmares, the television series, and features 28 cues from both seasons with audio pulled from the original master tapes and featuring liner notes from composer Nicolas Pike. The record is stored in a Die-cut jacket, and the staining on it is gorgeous. The vinyl color is a stunning blood-red that evokes the bloodlust of the titular Freddy. A must-own!

This limited edition exclusive vinyl soundtrack is going for $30 from Mondo, which you can acquire here! If Freddy’s Nightmares isn’t for you, Mondo has a wide selection of vinyl soundtracks that you can peruse here!

Death’s Whisper Designer Series Tiki Mug from Mondo Shop
Cr: @horrordesignchick

Get ready to raise spirits of a different kind with one of the most coveted tiki mugs of the season! This year the Death’s Whisper Designer Series Tiki Mug from designer Sara Deck is a must-own for fellow spirit consumers. Large enough to raise the dead, it won’t get lost in a cupboard. No, it’ll command your attention with its Victorian spiritualism aesthetic. The mug comes in three glazes so, if you are not too fond of the Seance by the Sea glaze above, it comes in two other brilliant, eye-popping shades.

The Death’s Whisper Designer Series Tiki Mug retails for $60 and can be purchased here at MondoShop. If you’re looking for something a bit more monstrous in nature, Mondo has plenty of other Tiki Mug offerings ranging from the Lovecraftian to Alien eggs and more. Take a gander.


You’ve Got Red on You: How Shaun of the Dead Was Brought to Life
Courtesy 1984 Publishing

Literally, just published, fans of Shaun of the Dead should be clamoring for this latest in-depth book on the film. Written by Clark Collis, You’ve Got Red on You: How Shaun of the Dead Was Brought to Life has been receiving raving reviews from many in the horror community. For those of you who like interviews, there are plenty to be had in this limited edition first print. The book also boasts a treasure trove of storyboards. There are rare behind-the-scenes photos, and commentary from famous fans of the movie.

You’ve Got Red on You: How Shaun of the Dead Was Brought to Life is retailing for $25. You can buy it directly from the publisher here!


The Unofficial Hocus Pocus Cookbook: Bewitchingly Delicious Recipes for Fans of the Halloween Classic
Courtesy Ulysses Press

Continuing on the fandom train, we can’t recommend enough The Unofficial Hocus Pocus Cookbook: Bewitchingly Delicious Recipes for Fans of the Halloween Classic. Hocus Pocus is a classic at this point. A staple in everyone’s households come Halloween season. But that doesn’t mean the fun should stop there. No, it’s time to bring the essence of Hocus Pocus into your cooking. A recipe book that accommodates most ages, this could make even the most confused would-be cook ascend to new heights!

The Unofficial Hocus Pocus Cookbook: Bewitchingly Delicious Recipes for Fans of the Halloween Classic is listed at $19.95 and can be purchased here.


The Mummy Poster from MondoShop
Courtesy MondoShop

For Classic Universal Monster lovers, this The Mummy poster created by Sara Wong is a must-have! Available for pre-order on MondoShop, this artwork is truly out of this world. Our EIC is obsessed with The Mummy and can verify that this is a proper collector’s item. All of MondoShop’s previous Mummy posters get resold for over $200 on Ebay. If you love classic Universal Monsters, more specifically The Mummy, or have a friend obsessed like our EIC, this is a definite add-on to your holiday wishlist.

The Mummy poster is available for pre-order at $50 here at MondoShop. If The Mummy isn’t your jam, but you like cool poster artwork of IPs, Mondo has plenty of options to look at here!


Introduce them to Tubi

While Shudder has been the must-have fave streaming service for horror, tubi has stealthily climbed its way up into horror fans’ hearts. Why? Their horror selection is rather extensive, featuring classic and modern thrills and chills.  You can watch the movies as well for free! All you have to do is set up an account and away you go! The catch is that there are ads but, given their decent selection of goodies, that’s definitely something you can workaround.

Give the gift of free horror with a tubi account. Go here to sign up!


SHUDDER Gift Subscription
Cr: Shudder

Shudder is the streaming service for horror fans. Featuring new originals, old classics, and movies too weird not to watch, any horror fan who isn’t already signed up for this horror service would love a subscription just in time to ring in All Hallow’s Eve with the famous Ghoul Log.

Shudder has incredibly flexible plans for membership, where you can either pay monthly to stream or do one lump sum annually. As a note, Nightmarish Conjurings’ Editor-in-Chief does the annual plan because the breakdown per month is cheaper. Visit www.shudder.com to learn more and start a free 7-day trial to test whether or not you want to dive all the way in.

We will be updating this gift guide for the next two weeks to make sure that we help you guys out in your holiday shopping adventures. Keep checking in to see what sights we have in store for you. Especially with Black Friday just around the corner!

Until then, stay safe and warm!

From Team Nightmarish Conjurings!

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