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Hello, Uglies. When I say that I was excited for DRAGULA Season 4, I don’t think you understand the actual level of excitement. When it comes to Drag competitions, The Boulet Brothers take it to the next level. Don’t get me wrong. RuPaul is a legend and one of the most fabulous and beautiful human beings on the planet. But the Boulet Brothers bring not only stunning Drag, but elements of horror and filth the likes of which you have never seen. We’re talking Season 4, baby!

The lineup for season 4 is some of the best I have ever seen. As a massive fan of Priscilla Chambers, Evah Destruction, Landon Cider, Dahli, and the House of Black, I was anxious to see who would fight for the title of Drag Supermonster this year for Season 4. Saint is back for a third time, after winning the title in the Dragula: Resurrection Halloween special last year. Their Drag has improved exponentially since their first appearance on season 3 and I think this will be their best year yet. We also have Dahli’s daughter, Astrud Aurelia, as she joins the competition with a style that is very reminiscent of a cross between Dahli and Victoria Elizabeth Black.

The Boulet Brothers also welcome two female Drag performers this year: AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth) Sigourney Beaver and transgender female Bitter Betty, both Drag Queens. Following in Monikkie’s footsteps, Formelda Hyde also joins as a fully masked performer. There’s Merrie Cherry, Koko Caine, La Zavaleta, and Jade Jolie also joining. But the monster I am looking forward to the most is the Drag Yokai, HoSo Terra Toma. They are the first contestants from outside North America on Dragula and their style is one of the most unique and thoroughly horrific that I have ever seen. I am in love with their drag style and I will say it now, they are my favorite to win. We just have to see how they handle stage performing.

The production quality of DRAGULA Season 4 has been ramped up considerably, namely the season intro and the extermination videos. We all know that any monster that gets exterminated must die and we get a front-row seat to their death (not to mention the VERY extreme extermination challenges). This time, it’s a bit more cinematic and that’s really appreciated. The thought and quality that gets put into these short films intermixed with the competition keep each episode fresh, exciting, a little funny, and filled with blood and viscera, just how we like it. As usual, the Boulet Brothers look incredible and we get to hear even more of their music in Season 4, which is also a welcome addition.

If you are a fan of drag, glamour, filth, and horror, then I’d advise you to not miss a single moment of DRAGULA Season 4. From the moment it begins, you will be sucked in and cheering for your favorite all the way until the end. Watch Dragula on Shudder now, Uglies! I dare you!

THE BOULET BROTHERS’ DRAGULA, premiered exclusively on Shudder on Tuesday, October 19, and will have new episodes to follow every Tuesday.

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