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I appreciate a horror movie that doesn’t take itself seriously. Take The Velocipastor, for example. That movie is so bad that it’s incredible. It knows that there’s no way to make a serious film about a pastor that turns into a murderous velociraptor, so it leans into the ridiculous…hard. So, when someone mentioned a scary movie about furries, I needed it on my computer and into my eyeballs. Furries are a misunderstood fandom, to be sure, so I needed to know what a furry-themed horror movie would entail, and boy howdy, was it interesting. Let the fur fly as we dig into LONE WOLF.

LONE WOLF was is directed by J.D. Marmion, and is co-written by Marmion with Jordan Rivera, Sam Cunningham, Domenica Schatzman, and Victoria Schatzman. It follows Charlie (Jane Gardner) and her friends (played by Kennedy Wunderle, Alexandra Dustin, and Victoria Danylko-Petrovskaya) are furries and they are set to get dressed up for Furry Con but, unfortunately, they get kicked out when one of the girls gets hammered and barfs on the most popular furry there. Thankfully, his brother (Robin McIntosh) invites them to a party where he’ll be. Of course, they all go. Now, for the B story, Charlie’s sister disappeared a year earlier. Also, there’s a C story about how a college mascot got burned nearly to death and now he’s on a rampage to kill furries. If you think that’s a lot of storylines, you’d be right.

If you look at LONE WOLF for what it is, an extremely low-budget horror film about people who wear animal costumes, then you’ll probably get a kick out of it. There’s nothing extraordinary about the film quality, the acting is atrocious and the sound mixing is SO off, you can’t hear anyone talking half the time but that soundtrack BLASTS your eardrums straight out of your ear canal. But even with all of that, it’s still kind of fun. Truly, LONE WOLF would have been more effective as a short film. A lot of time is used to fluff the clock: a lot of dancing at Furry Con, a lot of dancing at the furry party, a lot of furry dancing as everyone gets murdered. There’s a lot of dancing.

There’s one random moment at what is supposed to be an intense fight scene between our lead and the killer where it turns into some weird music video with a fade over of someone singing and a band playing. It’s so damn bizarre but kind of fits? The most interesting bits happen after the 57-minute mark and the best actor in the entire movie is the Lone Wolf (Tohmas Howery) and he doesn’t say a single damn word.

This review sounds like I don’t like the movie but that’s not necessarily true. It’s terrible but in a fun kind of way. There’s something pure about horror like that. You can tell people were having fun when they made it so, it almost makes you have fun watching it. If you like ridiculous horror with bad effects and even worse actors but you see the pure indie-ness about it and appreciate it, I think you’ll get a kick out of LONE WOLF.

LONE WOLF will be available on VOD and Digital from High Octane Pictures on October 5th!

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  1. I really appreciated your review! Quick question, because I can’t figure it out to save my life: what was up with the ending of this movie? (Spoilers, obv) Apparently Leon wasn’t taken in? Or . . . was there a new lone wolf? Was it Becca? I was so confused by that ending — in part because you can’t see anything. (/Spoilers)

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