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For Southern Californians, there’s something about Halloween that really lights our fire. Every year from the end of August to the beginning of November, Southern California completely embraces all things Halloween, with a multitude of events popping up all over. With events figuring out a sweet spot with COVID restrictions, 2021 is on track to being the craziest Halloween season! And, one of the ways we’re celebrating is with Freeform’s Halloween Road. Much improved and immersive to the core, this year’s Halloween Road is a must for Halloween lovers both young and old.

First, I should give a head’s up. There are two public parking spaces near the entrance of Halloween Road. There is one right across the street at one side of the Metro Station. Then, there is one about a 12-minute walk away. Entering the event from Pasadena Ave, attendees got to take a little stroll down a woodsy path. Making sure to stay on the right-hand side while traversing this path, there are little pop-up booths along the way where trick r treaters can stop. Make sure you say, “Trick R Treat!” If you don’t, you won’t get that candy! The path is long, so I do recommend comfortable shoes. Once attendees reach an ominous pumpkin entrance looming ahead, that is when the next phase of Halloween Road begins!

One of the things Freeform’s Halloween Road boasted this year was an increase in exciting new attractions. Dear Reader, they did not disappoint. Stepping through that spooky pumpkin entrance, we were met with a whole array of photo ops and activations. From Halloween Town Hall to Finkelstein’s Lab from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas to seeing the Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage, it was amazing. The detail and scale of the designs were eerily close to what we get to see in our favorite Halloween films! Also, a big bonus to the build team for seamlessly incorporating the Heritage Square Museum into the set designs.

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What further enhanced the overall impact, though, was the inclusion of performers portraying some of these classic Halloween characters. We got to have a lovely conversation with Sarah and Winnie Sanderson, where we discussed the merits of Love versus Protection. Our time with Billy Butcherson was full of hammy shenanigans. And there were photo opportunities with the Ghostbusters, Uncle Fester, and Wednesday Addams. If you didn’t want to interact with characters, there were other photo-ops as well. Take a picture in front of Spiral Hill. Or, pretend to open up the shutters of the Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage! The opportunities were endless.

Halloween Road isn’t just for photo-ops and casual Trick r Treating. No, there are also opportunities to win prizes via games. From what we got to experience, it seemed like the bulk of the games were centered around Oogie Boogie’s Lair. If you want to take a little something home that’s Nightmare Before Christmas-related, these games are definitely for you! Take note, adults! Just a little past Oogie Boogie’s Lair, you will find a Beer and Wine garden. This is a new addition this year and there are spooky drinks to partake in. They do offer non-alcoholic beverages too. While you are sipping beverages, you can also take in a Hocus Pocus-themed drag show. The lip syncs are on fleek.

Honestly, Freeform’s Halloween Road was just plain ol’ fun. The scale and overall execution of the event surprised me. There is quite literally something for everyone and so much that draws the eye. From the most casual of Halloween fans to the die-hards, the money is well worth it to go here. On a general note, but would definitely recommend going to the bathroom before arriving. There is one set of bathrooms all the way at the end of Halloween Road. For those with little ones, this is good info to have. Other than that, this is a definite must-see Halloween event for everyone here in Los Angeles.

Freeform’s Halloween Road takes place at Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles, California, and is open to the public from FRIDAY, OCT. 1, through TUESDAY, OCT. 5. Ticket prices start at $37 and go on sale next week, WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 1 at 10 a.m. PDT, and can be purchased at 31nightsofhalloween.com.

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