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INTRUSION, directed by Adam Salky and written by Christopher Sparling, is a home invasion-style thriller from Netflix that stars Logan Marshall-Green and Freida Pinto as couple Henry and Meera Parsons. They have recently completed building their dream home in a secluded area of New Mexico, which Henry designed, and are preparing for an upcoming housewarming party. While out on a date night, the couple’s new house is broken into, though nothing appears to have been stolen. After the break-in, Henry becomes distant and secretive. As Meera begins to suspect he may have somehow been involved, she decides to investigate the crime without Henry’s knowledge. What she finds builds to a final confrontation at their housewarming party.

Though many home invasion films aim to create a feeling of claustrophobia, INTRUSION prefers to leave you feeling helpless through a vast emptiness. The film opens with a wide, almost ominous shot of the New Mexican landscape. It seems to say, “No one can hear your calls for help, no one is coming to save you.” This motif of solitude appears throughout the film, which invokes a repeated sense of physical and emotional isolation. Though much of the plot is formulaic, the stylish shots and camera work help to keep things fresh. Unfortunately, it just is not enough to elevate INTRUSION above any of the many similar thrillers Netflix has given us lately.

As any good mystery should, INTRUSION has clues peppered throughout the film that hint toward the ending. These should be subtle things that call for a second viewing, but here they are a bit too heavy-handed, which end up causing the film to be a little predictable. The acting tends toward flat and wooden, and without much chemistry between the leads. At first, the acting feels off-putting, but it becomes apparent that this is intentional to create the feeling that maybe they don’t really know each other as well as we would expect.

The real draw to this film is the cinematography, with several gorgeous shots of the New Mexico desert and mountains. Though somewhat predictable, INTRUSION remains a fun watch that will get hearts pumping. It may not be anything terribly unique when it comes to thriller fare, but it definitely does its job and will be enjoyed by many fans of the genre.

INTRUSION is now available for viewing exclusively on Netflix.

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