When a mysterious explosion sends a cruise ship sinking to the bottom of the ocean, five groups of survivors band together in lifeboats and set sail in search of land.

But what seemed like an easy expedition, quickly goes south with food and water shortages, treacherous storms, and desperation taking over.

Worse yet, the creatures from below are beginning to surface…and FEED.

FLOAT: From the Deep, is a new, fast-paced tabletop game from Bright Light, where 2-5 players find themselves lost at sea, battling ferocious creatures from below and attempting to outsmart and outlast their fellow players. With only 7 days to make it to the island in the foggy distance, it’s sink, swim, or be devoured by the next monster from the deep.

FLOAT: From the Deep launches on Kickstarter November 3, 2021. The Bright Light team has a handful of Kickstarter exclusives planned for early pledges as well as surprises throughout the campaign. Get ready to dive into a whole new chapter of terror.

What’s In the Box?
1 Rulebook
1 Game Board
1 Calendar Tracker
3 Standard Dice
5 Player Stations
5 Danger Meter Trackers
8 Leader Cards
20 From the Deep Cards
20 Daily Status Cards
25 Water Cubes
30 Health Tokens
100 Out of the Blue Cards

For more information on FLOAT: From The Deep, visit floatthegame.com or follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @ floatthegame.

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