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Here we are again. Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters are back with another documentary changing hearts and minds about yet another cryptid. Breedlove reproduces films faster than a group of bunnies but I’m not complaining. He has the uncanny ability to make the viewer rethink everything they may think they know about a particular myth or creature. He’s opened my eyes regarding Bigfoot, Thunderbirds, Mothman and now we go knee-deep into the dark bayous of Louisiana to unearth the myth and mystery about the Rougarou in his new film, SKINWALKER: THE HOWL OF THE ROUGAROU.

Cultures all over the world have stories and sightings of a creature that is half wolf and half man. As the French moved into Louisiana, they brought their own stories of a werewolf-like creature. Their legend combined with local native tribe’s legends, Italian legends carried on the backs of immigrants, and more Cajun influences. What is left is the story of the Rougarou: a creature that is equal parts werewolf, shapeshifter, killer, helper, and an innocent. There is no one way to become a Rougarou and no one way to rid the curse. But regardless of the method, it would seem the Rougarou is showing itself to the residents of the Bayou.

In true Breedlove fashion, SKINWALKER: THE HOWL OF THE ROUGAROU will combine interviews and accounts from first-hand witnesses and extensively researched information on the legends and culture of those who live there. In some past documentaries, there was so much information that the film was sometimes hard to digest and consistently pay attention but that is not the case with this one. From the very beginning, THE HOWL OF THE ROUGAROU will capture your attention. It may be the beautiful landscape of marshes and swamps, it could be the history of the immigration to that region, it could be the legends that have soaked into the waterlogged land itself, or maybe it will be the first-hand accounts but there will be something that hooks you until the very end.

Courtesy Small Town Monsters

After watching this documentary, I realized that I knew nothing about the Rougarou. It’s one of those cryptids where you have heard the name but you can’t really place what it is. After watching SKINWALKER: THE HOWL OF THE ROUGAROU, you will realize the Rougarou is more than just a cryptid. The Rougarou is a timeline and a history of the people in the area. Each legend will give you a special insight into the people and cultures that passed the stories down from generation to generation. Each story is a lesson, a legend, or a piece of who they are and that is something special to see. Seth Breedlove knocked it out of the park with this one and it may be my favorite that Small Town Monsters has produced to date.

SKINWALKER: THE HOWL OF THE ROUGAROU is available to purchase or rent on September 14th on a number of platforms from 1091 Pictures, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and FandangoNOW. Small Town Monsters will also release a special edition Blu-ray ($18.99) and DVD ($14.99) from their official store.

If you like history, cryptids, or anthropology, I highly recommend giving this one a watch.

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