[News] Dare to Wear Fright-Rags' CANDYMAN Apparel
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As Nia DaCosta breathes new life into CANDYMAN, the horror icon has received a buzz-worthy line of shirts from Fright-Rags. The apparel company also branches out beyond horror with designs from The ‘Burbs, Highlander, and Back to the Future.

Just in time for CANDYMAN‘s long-awaited return, Fright-Rags has official merchandise for the new film. Even if you don’t dare to say his name, be his victim with four designs, including a zip-up hoodie option.

The ‘Burbs moves into Fright-Rags. Joe Dante’s cult classic has received six T-shirts, including a tribute to The Exorcist.

The synopsis of The ‘Burbs is as follows: Settling in for some time off in his suburban home, Ray Peterson’s (Tom Hanks) vacation becomes a horror when the Klopeks, a suspiciously odd family, move in down the block. Enlisting the aid of his paranoid buddy, Art (Rick Ducommun), and his militia-man neighbor, Rumsfield (Bruce Dern), Ray sends his son and wife (Carrie Fisher) away on a trip while he investigates the Klopeks. When a neighbor disappears, Ray and his cohorts risk their lives to save their cul-de-sac from the clutches of evil.

There can only be one Highlander, but Fright-Rags has four shirts from the ’80s fantasy favorite, from a Frank Frazetta homage to a He-Man parody.

The synopsis of Highlander is as follows: When the mystical Russell Nash (Christopher Lambert) kills a man in a sword fight in a New York City parking lot, he leaves a sliver of an ancient weapon lodged in a car in the process. After brilliant forensics specialist Brenda Wyatt (Roxanne Hart) recovers evidence of the mysterious weapon, she and her partner, Lt. Frank Moran (Alan North), embark on an investigation Of Nash that will land them in the middle of a dangerous, centuries-old feud between powerful immortals.

Back to the Future time travels to Fright-Rags for a collection featuring five nuclear shirts along with socks featuring Marty and Doc that will make you exclaim “Great Scott!”

CANDYMAN, The ‘Burbs, Highlander, and Back to the Future collections are on sale now at Fright-Rags.com.

Fright-Rags has also created an exclusive Night of the Living Dead shirt in conjunction with Night of the Living Tapes: The Official Home Video History of Night of the Living Dead, available only on Kickstarter.

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