[News] SAW Is Ready to Terrorize NFT Collectors on WAX
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Jigsaw is ready to put fans to the test with the SAW Series 1 NFT Collection on the WAX Blockchain.

The groundbreaking horror franchise SAW is making its debut on WAX in a spine-tingling NFT series. The collection follows after the box-office phenomena has successfully released nine films, all of which feature the mysterious mastermind killer Jigsaw who is best known for rounding up groups of victims to play twisted games of life or death.

How to Buy

On July 27, 2021, WAX will release a unique NFT series full of crafting twists and turns.  Packs go on sale at 1 pm EST and can be unwrapped at 4 pm EST.

What’s in Each Pack?

SAW Series 1 packs contain a variety of iconic build and base cards that can be combined to create a set of 215 thrilling NFTs (including build variations) — showcasing characters, weapons,  props and locations from the films.

Of course, Jigsaw is referring to the infamous bathroom, a huge, white-tiled room located in the underground tunnel network. It plays a central role in this thrilling NFT  crafting adventure, so be prepared!

There are six (6) bone-chilling rarities that can be crafted via build cards, including:

● Base

● Rusted

● Sparks

● Saw Blades

● Bloody

● Spiral Spray Paint

Choose from Two Pack Sizes

● Standard Packs containing a mix of 9 build and base cards for $14.99

● Mega Packs containing a mix of 33 build and base cards for $49.99

There are a total of 11,333 Standard Packs and 16,666 Mega Packs available. They are expected to go fast, so we strongly recommend getting ready ahead of time.

Join Us for a Stress Test

Join WAX the day prior to the official launch on July 26, at 1 pm EST, and enjoy a free promo pack as a “thank you” for helping ensure a smooth release. Check out the official WAX Discord to sign up and share your thoughts on WAX Community Channels.

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