[Documentary Review] ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: DARK SKY

[Documentary Review] ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: DARK SKY
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If R.L. Stine is known for pumping out scary books for kids in short periods of time, then Seth Breedlove is the R.L. Stine of cryptid documentaries. We recently traveled with Seth and his gang to the northeast to look for Bigfoot. Now we join Seth and “collector of stories” Shannon LeGro as they search West Virginia for evidence of UFOs in the skies and in the stories of those who live there in ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: DARK SKY.

ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: DARK SKY is a continuation of his 2020 docuseries that was very well received. Podcaster and paranormal investigator, LeGro, head to West Virginia to dig into the mysteries and sightings that keep coming from the area. West Virginia is no stranger to paranormal encounters from the Mothman variety to the Flatwoods Monster to UFOs and the Men in Black. Some of these stories we have heard before, but many are encounters we get to hear directly from the source. You can look into the eyes of the people being interviewed and see that they experienced SOMETHING.

In the last documentary that I reviewed from Breedlove, I described the documentary as beef jerky, dry in the beginning but evolving into something juicy and delicious. That is pretty much what I expected from ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: DARK SKY, but I was very pleasantly surprised that the juice ran all the way through this steak of a documentary. While we did have a sprinkle of expert testimonies and interviews, much of it was stories of the Appalachians told by people who actually live there. And anyone on Tiktok knows there’s some weird shit going down in the Appalachia Mountains. If the not-deer or tree-hiding monsters in the woods don’t freak you out, don’t look into the sky and accidentally see some lights and then get a visit from some well-dressed, socially inept men who don’t want you chatting about your experience.

In true Breedlove fashion, there are some incredible drone and nature shots that will make you want to desperately go investigating in an area so beautiful. LeGro’s narration is very choppy and disconnected. It almost sounded like she felt uncomfortable doing the voiceover. Seth puts a lot of emotion into his voiceovers, so this one seemed just a bit lackluster.

Not once during ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: DARK SKY did I feel bored. From the interesting first and second-hand accounts to the beautiful shots of the environment, there was a lot to see in this documentary. There is only one thing for certain after watching: there is truly something weird going down in West Virginia. Keep your eye on the skies and check out this documentary.

ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: DARK SKY will be available to purchase or rent on August 3rd on a number of platforms from 1091 Pictures, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and FandangoNOW.

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