[News] Delusion Returns with REAPER’S REMORSE This Fall

[News] Delusion Returns with REAPER'S REMORSE This Fall
Courtesy of 13FEG and Delusion
Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group (13FEG) and celebrated horror master Jon Braver announce the return of DELUSION, the overwhelmingly popular Los Angeles interactive attraction.

Returning for the 2021 season, the all-new show ushers’ guests back to its horror roots, with ‘Reaper’s Remorse.’    Inviting you to ‘play your part,’ the 2021 edition of this now-renowned attraction will open on September 16, inhabiting the delightfully dilapidated Phillips Mansion in Pomona, CA.

Adding even more excitement to the DELUSION experience in 2021, 13FEG also announces the first-ever ‘Open World’ accompaniment to the attraction that continues the immersive experience.  All tickets entitle guests to wander the ‘Open World’ and explore multiple narrative threads within a whole new adjacent event area, featuring food, drinks and more.  Like that of an eerie scavenger hunt, the experience will help further shape the story and is available before or after the main attraction.  This fantastic new addition continues the already twisted tale for hours of scary fun!

Tickets for the highly anticipated event attraction go on sale to the public July 15th at 11 am (PDT), with an exciting special 24-hour exclusive pre-sale ticket opportunity offered on July 14th at 11 am (PDT), for fans who register in advance on the event’s website, enterdelusion.com.

Frighteningly fun new DELUSION additions in 2021 also include the debut of “Her Private Collection: VIP Experience,” a special ticket upgrade, allowing guests to continue their mansion visit in a secluded 2nd floor of terror, filled with the families’ private collection of artifacts, uncovering exclusive story threads.  Also, on the second floor as part of the VIP experience is the private ‘Dark Arts Bar & Lounge’ where more fun awaits with entertainment and perhaps a chance encounter with the mansion’s strange, magical and eccentric resident. This highly encouraged upgrade also includes a ‘Reaper’s Remorse’ limited poster signed by creator Jon Braver.

“With theatre lovers ready for live entertainment, Delusion’s return couldn’t come at a better time,” said Jon Braver, Delusion creator. “We are crazy excited to return to our Delusion horror roots and to deliver an all new, original play in what I would say is the very best Delusion venue yet!”

The Phillips Mansion is located at 2640 Pomona Blvd in Pomona, CA.  Ticket prices start at $89.99.  Street parking is available at no cost.

A site specific, intimate interactive play where guests move through the venue as the haunting narrative unfolds, DELUSION invites guests to play a part in a fully realized, live otherworldly adventure, unlike anywhere else.   Because dates and quantities are limited to ensure the attraction delivers the experience that has left Halloween-lovers loyally coming back for more than 10 years, fans are encouraged to act quickly as past years have sold out almost immediately.


“There are some dead that won’t let go. Clutching to this world by whatever threads they can find. Pretty red shoes. A shotgun. A loved one left behind. And although these strands of life can be as innocent as a child’s toy… everything has its price. A price only Esther Phillips can afford.
She lives alone. A solemn collector surrounded by artifacts that not only tell tales but carry the very souls they’re tied to. An ethereal prison of those unwilling to let go.
Esther’s latest acquisition may be her greatest yet… if she would only go near. Fear, anger and regret bleed from it. Things decay, but memories can linger.
A rare invitation has been extended to you, fellow lovers of the occult. An exclusive evening to play your part in the haunting and epic story of Esther Phillips.
There are some dead that won’t let go. And there are others that must make them.”


In a new era of storytelling, Delusion (#playyourpart) remains one of the most popular interactive events with an absolute commitment to quality and originality. Delusion began in 2011 as a passion project for creator Jon Braver and for seven seasons has captivated sold-out audiences, thrusting them into an otherworldly adventure where they must play their parts in order to move the story forward. Live actors, creature effects, stunts, elaborate set design, and an original score weave together a tale unlike any other.

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