[Article] White Spikes Invade SoCal in THE TOMORROW WAR Pop-Ups
Executive Producer and actor Chris Pratt posing in front of the truck
Immersive pop-ups are always a great way to spark interest and generate buzz around a movie but, with the pandemic still going on, it can be a little tricky to navigate the immersion process. However, creative teams have been coming up with safe ways to get the public’s attention and providing that immersive atmosphere. This is especially the case here in Southern California as Amazon Prime Video uses the holiday weekend to get tongues wagging about their sci-fi action Amazon Original, THE TOMORROW WAR.

With THE TOMORROW WAR‘s release on Prime Video tomorrow, and with many in SoCal having time off this three-day weekend, one of the ways in which Prime Video is generating buzz is by creating a White Spike takeover that the public can experience at some of Southern California’s most iconic locations

The scenario. Picture it. Sicily, 1939. Actually, scratch that. This isn’t Golden Girls. The actual scenario is this – sightings of the predatory alien species featured in THE TOMORROW WAR have been reported from San Fernando to Santa Ana. These creatures are known as White Spikes (and, personally, I just think they need a hug.) The military has been on the hunt for one of the most aggressive and deadly specimens. These creatures have also been spotted in Japan and Chile, but they are really homing in here in Southern California. This is where we come into play.

A rendering of the truck

New reports are trickling in that one of the most ferocious White Spikes has been captured, and that a military convoy will be moving through the city to the coast with the detained White Spike. From July 2nd through July 4th, this convoy will be traveling across Los Angeles and Huntington Beach, where the general public might be able to catch a little glimpse of the creature. Of course, the White Spike is currently secured and under heavy sedation, so the public need not fear. They will be safe. However, after July 4th, who knows? Maybe the creature might get out. It’s all speculation.

On July 2nd, the convoy will start at Hollywood & Highland before making its way to Venice.

July 3rd, they will be stopping on Main Street 7 located around Pacific Coast Highway (or PCH to us local folks). This is the Venice stop, but they won’t be here for very long.

On July 4th, or Independence Day if you want to get technical, the convoy will make its final stop at Huntington Beach’s 4th of July Celebration, which will include street theatrics and the parade. If we’re lucky, those sedatives will keep that White Spike knocked the F out.

Want to know more about THE TOMORROW WAR? Check out our review here! Until then, stay safe and, for those SoCal peeps out there, check out this ferocious White Spike if you get the chance!

All images courtesy of Amazon Prime Video. No actual aliens were harmed in the making of this experience. 

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