[News] Midsummer Screams Announces AWAKEN THE SPIRITS! Pop-Up
Courtesy of Midsummer Scream
Did you hear the news? The team behind Midsummer Scream has just announced a massive “pop-up” style event taking place August 14-15 to kick-off the Halloween season. Titled “Awaken the Spirits!”, it will take on the mantle of awakening our haunted obsessed minds out of its pandemic-induced slumber and hop

“Awaken the Spirits!” will have hundreds of vendors, a massive stage for haunted attraction and Halloween event creators to announce their spooky season plans, and plenty of other surprises.

If you’re wondering what the actual difference between Midsummer Scream and “Awaken the Spirits!”, it seems to all boil down to certain features like the Hall of Shadows not being available. Per the site, it states:

“Awaken the Spirits! will maintain the “spirit” of Midsummer Scream, with hundreds of vendors, a large gorgeous theatre for Halloween industry professionals can revealed their 2021 plans,speakers and guests ranging from horror celebrities to haunted attraction professionals, make-up demos, education, and more.

But due to a variety of factors, including the space available in the venue, certain features such as the Hall of Shadows, Black Cat Lounge, and other staples of Midsummer Scream can’t be replicated.”

For those wondering whether or not you can use your previously purchased Midsummer Scream tickets for this event, the answer is no. Per the answer provided on the site, the team clarifies this:

“Awaken the Spirits! is an entirely different event a different venue and ticketing service and pricing levels. (Tickets to Awaken the Spirits! are lower that the list price of Midsummer Scream tickets).

However, if your funds are low, we are still honoring refunds for tickets to Midsummer Scream. If you still have tickets for the event, you can obtain a refund by clicking here. Do note that prices for tickets to Midsummer Scream will be higher next year, so if you’re planning to attend, you’ll be saving money by holding onto them!”

For more information and updates, you can go here.  This is also where you can find the ticket price breakdowns, and panelist updates as we venture closer to that August date!

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